Fallout New Vegas
WIP Classic Fallout Weapons Remastered

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I have been working on this recently. I was able to gather up the weapons and start integrating them. That's what I am doing right now. The weapons will only be ones from Fallout 1 and 2. Not tactics because that would be too many. But as I progress it starts to look like Fallout 1 and 2 more and more. 

It will take a while to integrate around 31 weapons into the game. But luckily enough I know how to do it.


  1. tlonak
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    I'm definitely excited for this. Take my endorsement. :)
  2. spoonsandvich
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    aw nice
  3. FalloutSaurus
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    Do I get it right? Does it mean there will be ONLY this classic weapons redistributed in the game? (no vanilla weapons? )

    Because that will be AWESOME ... 
    1. WebbProductions2020
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      Yes classic weapons only. A new version of the classic pack with better weapons and better leveled lists