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SurvivalCore 1_06-beta Doctors Update

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Big update. This contains the heavily requested doctor's treatment feature. Yes, they are actually useful now! Includes other features and fixes. Save compatible for updating.

What does this update change?

  • Fixed the MCM not showing the correct mod version.
  • Fixed illnesses with no duration not being re-applied to reloaded NPCs.
  • Fixed a debug message being accidentally shown for one of the MCM options.
  • Doctors can now treat your illnesses.
  • Added MCM settings to configure the treatment expenses from doctors.
  • Added Leukemia as a catchable disease for NPCs.
  • Added Hemolysis as a catchable disease for NPCs.
  • Added more ways for medicines to spawn.
  • Added MCM settings for medicine rarity.
  • Added a chance that Veteran Rangers will have better equipment if they have the elite veterancy bonus.
  • Updated the biohazard message symbol slightly.
  • The treatment duration for all medicines has been doubled.
  • Drastically reduced Insomnia's duration. The minimum duration has gone from 24 hours, to 8 hours.
  • Updated the Survival Guide.
  • Small optimizations.

Hope you all enjoy this update!

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