Fallout New Vegas
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Preview - TTW Classic Combat Armor Replacer Suite

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A work in progress, inspired by WebbProductions2020's Classic Combat Armor Replacer, with original models by YanL.

So far the Reilly's Rangers, Talon Company, and Tenpenny Security sets have been completed, with more to follow. I've also added a sleeve to the Pip-Boy arm, to prevent texture mismatches with body replacers, as the model originally used vanilla bare arm.


  1. YanL
    • premium
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    Hold this

    I have a better version. Using the sholder and knees from combat armor.


    I did not release because I'm lazy lol
    I'll send the file, and you put the sleeve in the new file. Better that way.
    1. ElectronicOldManPrime
      • member
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      Thank you YanL, these pads do indeed look much better.
    2. WebbProductions2020
      • member
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      Wow wow wow. This is awesome. Here's the thing though. People are going to ask for an update with the textures on my part for Fallout 3, or New Vegas. Do you think it is possible for you to send me those? I'll credit you just like i did YanL. Is that ok?
  2. redmaxblower
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    Very nice!
  3. YanL
    • premium
    • 2,018 posts
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    found it