Fallout New Vegas
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Red Holorifle Effects

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Red holorifle projectile, muzzle flash, and impacts for a variation of the Advanced Holorifle I'm working on, called the Elite Holorifle (the name is inspired from the Riot Gear naming in Lonesome Road).

This has now been released as a completed mod. The weapon's model in the final version is not the same as seen here, and the white sparks seen in the image are properly red in the final release.


  1. Sebastjin
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    Perhaps name it something along the lines of "Cloud Infused/Contaminated/Infected/Touched/Scarred" etc?
    Seems fitting, since the Cloud is also red and the Holorifle may have been in the Sierra Madre too long.
  2. Marcurios
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    I like it, shame it's such a ugly gun.