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Fills  are those weird transparent bubbles and "sheets" of light you can find in the Static and Movable Static sections.

Because New Vegas has a primitive light engine, only capable of basic spheres of light with no directional, or volumetric capabilities whatsoever, these effects are useful for adding depth to the lighting of a scene, or for creating effects that wouldn't otherwise be possible. (Such as a shaft of light in a dark room)

That said, I'm not exactly a  lighting expert, and I often wonder if I go overboard with the effect in a lot of cases. It's not so bad here, but looking through multiple Fills can create a haze effect that might look ugly.

Another thing to watch out for is clipping. Because these fills are actually static objects, the ""light" can clip in to other objects, causing an ugly contrast, which you can see here on the rocks above the metal shelf.

Anyone else have any personal guidelines on they how use these effects?


  1. reveccamorikava
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    I don't think there is a fix for this, at least I've never seen anything yet.
    But from what I've seen of The Frontier it looks way better there, just like any smoke and fire too.
  2. StewRat
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    I have these issues too..