Fallout New Vegas
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  1. DiamondBorne
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    Looks cozy, far cry from a hellhole that is the post-war wasteland.
    1. PaladinHoss
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      by the time of NV a lot of the post - war wasteland in core region is by now gone :

      NCR got basic civic order enforced in major cities and small towns got their own sheriffs. On the other end, arizona, colorado and utah are basically heaven due to Caesars ruthless but effective law enforcement "Dura lex sed lex" The mojave is one of the last wild frontiers in the region to be tamed, hence the collision between the superpowers. This is where, in my opinion most of NV writing shines like the sun, compared to oh daddy where are thou narratives bethesda force feed us. Post - apocalypse well done.
  2. TheBigLebateski
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