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New Vegas 10th Anniversary

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Hello everyone!

I've gotten a lot of questions regarding dogtooth's rangers and various works of thefriedturkey among other mods. I just want to post to say that I have gotten permission from the mod creators of this content to share the versions for original New Vegas. 

My current plan is to get a large pack together of upgraded NV and TTW content from mod creators and release it on 10/19 ... the 10th anniversary of NV's release!

These plans are subject to change but I wanted to share so people can start looking forward to a date for some of the content I've teased.

I hope you are all staying safe and healthy and mentally together.


  1. LeSploof
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    Edit: Nevermind i read the post
  2. weijiesen
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    Taking this whole "Stay home. Make mods." thing to the max.
    I love this idea, can't wait to nab that sweet sweet 10yr Anniversary mod you cookin
  3. reveccamorikava
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    Thats so awesome(: I'm looking forward to it!
    Hope you are staying all safe too!<3
  4. NCRSoleSurvivor
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    Words can't express how great this is. Well done.
  5. hgrunt
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    Wow. Really good stuff. That Midwestern Brotherhood power armor totally looks badass.
  6. LoneWanderer1987
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    Cyberpunk 2077 and now this, awesome!
  7. choochoo1
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    God, I cannot believe it has been almost 10 years. NV is what got me into modding. I am really excited that the authors gave permission to do this. I been wanting to do a TTW playthrough, guess I will hold off until this comes out. Im so excited.
  8. Sebastjin
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    Very generous, you and the other authors.
    Thank you.
  9. YanL
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    This PA from Tatics 0_0

    There are some guys out there who just give a show.
  10. AAeow
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    my hand is shaking right now!