Fallout New Vegas
Mr House ghoul escapes from the Lucky 38 Control Room

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  1. prodlimen
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    You forced Mr. House out of his Stasis Chamber and saw him take his last breath. He died, so you carelessly left the Lucky 38 Control room. You should have known better than that...

  2. weijiesen
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    stone cold killa he is
  3. ImmortalAbsol
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    This is brilliant.
    Now if he can avoid going feral before the Outer World's ships leave his dreams will come true.

    Back in his stasis chamber or acquiring a Vault 111 cryo pod would go a long way in helping.

    If the Institute isn't taken out in this timeline I'm sure, being a former student, he would use the same backdoor security flaw the SS could have done.
    Then he could build the colony ships with Securitrons, Synths (likely just Gen 1/2), any remaining CIT Assualtrons and any Construction Protectrons the Synths come across in pods.

    Jeez my imagination, very carried away.
  4. theDemonJackal
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    Why is this so much scarier than a ghoul?!
  5. bananakillerBRO
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    everybody gangsta till the rasin stands up
  6. Psydeffexclone
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    Perfect for DUST, if only the penthouse was accessible though, since this would make some really scary s*** happening in the Remains of the Lucky-38.

    "as You Took Shelter inside the Ruined Remains of the Lucky-38 Casino Narrowly Escaping both the Cannibals and feral ghouls and the Toxic Cloud that now inhabits the Strip. but upon Entering the Building you quickly heard a Faint Moaning Creaking sound Coming from somewhere within house's tower.upon hearing the rather ominous you Pulled out your worn 9mm pistol. as you cautiously make your way to the Elevator ignoring the Skeletal remains of the NCR Scientists and soldier who had conducted inhumane experiments in this place, as well as the Oozing Radioactive material and Debris all over. upon entering the elevator you quickly Realized that the Place still has some power left. as you press the button heading straight to the penthouse, once at the penthouse you saw of what remains of the once Luxurious Tower now filled with Dried up husks and pieces of broken lab equipment that, the NCR brought in here but what really caught your eye, was the Fresh Bloodstain on the floor smeared across the room with bit's of bloody flesh dropped around it, against your better judgement you proceed to the next area with your hand trying firmly hold the gun as your hand shakes from the fear of whatever is in the other room, as you enter the room what you saw was enough to make you sick to your stomach as a pale old man was feasting on the body of another Survivor, while he was still alive as blood poured out of the poor mans mouth. you hear the sound of flesh being torn of the body, and as the flesh has been completely tear'ed out, the Pale man then look's at you with his Gray eyes, while still chewing on the flesh of his recent victim blood dripping from his mouth,
  7. bloxyman
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    Mr. House, after being burned alive by the Courier after infiltrating his stasis chamber, soon rose from the chamber that protected him for over 200 years. He was not about to let some mailman help the Legion take over Vegas.

    Mr. House limped over to a stasis pod, where a synthetic duplicate of Mr. House's pre-war body lay dormant. "Time to save Vegas." Mr. House muttered while he hooked himself up to the Synth copy of him.

    Meanwhile, the Courier was attacking the NCR forces at the 2nd Battle of Hoover Dam. When General Oliver was killed, the Courier was about to talk to Lanius when all of a sudden, the entrance burst open & Mk. II Securitrons flooded the facility.

    The Legion was in shock, & were quickly killed. Lanius & the Courier were cornered by the Securitrons, who confiscated the two's weapons by force.

    Then, in walked Mr. House, who had transferred his brain to the synth copy of himself. The Legate & the Courier were restrained by the Securitrons, & their struggles to break free of their grasp were futile.

    "How did you survive!? I killed you!!" The courier yelled. He was powerless to stop Mr. House, & so was the Legate.

    "I survived because the fire inside burned brighter than the fire around me. You may have burned my old body, but I never told you about my new body. A pristine, synthetic copy of my pre-war body. It was something left over from my days from studying at the CIT. I've already razed the Legion's fort to the ground to get to the Securitron vault, so don't expect any reinforcements."

    After the Courier & Legate were executed, Mr. House set his sights on rebuilding New Vegas. He established peaceful relations with the NCR, helped them recover from the damage the Legion dealt to them, & helped them re-establish the ideals Tandi set in place so long ago.

    As for the Mojave, the region enjoyed the luxury of advanced technology, peace & order, & a stable civilization. The Kings helped keep Freeside under control, & the settlements of New Vegas enjoyed an era free of raiders & other threats.

    The Mojave Wasteland, at long last, was free, thanks to the efforts of Mr. House.

    That was just a story I came up with when I saw this picture. Hope you like it. Awesome work, BTW. Really creative.
    1. DiamondBorne
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      Brilliant story. Tho I disagree with The Kings part. This man will never keep them alive nor he will suffer Freeside. House is the sole ruler of New Vegas and an idealist, anyone who refused his authority must die or be cast out, which are the Kings and the entire Freeside.
    2. bloxyman
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      If you convince the Kings to attack NCR Citizens & Troopers, House will spare the Kings, seeing their actions towards the NCR as a proof-of-loyalty to Vegas.

      Also, this was just some random story I made, so of course it isn't the most lore-friendly or most in-line with the characters' personalities. It's just something I spent a few minutes writing after I saw this picture.

      The idea I had was that the Mr. House in his synth body recruited the help of the Kings & the Garrett Twins & turned them into something like the Three Families, but for Freeside instead of The Strip.

      And yes, I know that's he's an idealist & thinks he's better than everyone else, but his dedication to rebuilding civilization is what I was building the story off of, not his selfishness or arrogance.
    3. prodlimen
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      Thank you very much Bloxyman . That's an interesting and very well written background story. And in record time!
  8. MuteSignals
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    1. prodlimen
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