Darkness implacable

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  1. jim_uk
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    They tell a story in a way words couldn't.
    1. reveccamorikava
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      Pretty cool you think so:)
      I tried write sort of words to it but this images
      just doing better without indeed.
  2. Bernt
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    Holy smokes. That's a dark set. In so many ways. Makes me feel sad. That said - it's very well done. Your pics are extreme - and extremely well done in telling the story. I just wonder - where is this location? It sort of got a FO4 vibe to it. Still - not the graphics; good as they are.
    1. reveccamorikava
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      Thank a lot, Bernt! Nice to read your thoughts on this and appreciating the comments.
      Sorry it made you feel sad, therefor good to hear you fancy the set in its own way.
      She's still a terrible person and grown as light hearted can be while keep on murdering.
      Oh this location is pretty far east of Nellis.
      Down and beyond the old railway tunnel - its a great location for some scenery shots :)
      Tho I'm not sure if it is vanilla or content of a mod..