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Gaius Sketch

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So I've been thinking about the Legion and how little love they get. Granted they're slaving bastards who deserve the love of a well placed.45-70 Gov't round, but honestly? They look silly. Football pads, for every single one of them. Scraps of leather and nails and shit. Every single centurion wearing the same armor despite lore saying they take it from foes they have defeated. I mean, come on, have they all defeated the exact same guys or something?

Then I started to think about the culture of the Legion. Completely and utterly alien to what they were brought up with. Now while I understand that was Caesar's idea, you can't expect people to just eat that up. You have to give them things to identify with within a culture. To latch on to. Caesar's no fool, he should know that to impose completely unknown beliefs on these tribals would just be asking for disaster in the form of some sort of resistance. He also is smart enough to realize he doesn't know every facet of a Roman civilization that lived centuries ago. He has to compromise. He can take things from the Romans and mix them with the cultures and customs of the tribals, or rather, the people from whom the tribals descended. The Southwest Native Americans.

It fits perfectly for his Legion. Close enough to be recognizable, yet distant enough to be unfamiliar. This merged with what he has learned from the old texts he read on the Romans can make for the ideal solution. That's the idea behind this sketch. A real culture for the Legion, manifested in dress and armor.

I started off with our good old pal Gaius Magnus because he needs more love than anyone, what with his skin now looking like spicy jerky that has been left in the sun too long. That, and I had a clear idea for him. I've made sketches and sketches of other Legion, but this was the first one to turn out how I want the Legion the appear. A redesign of the Armor of the 87th Tribe, a custom made harness of thick steel for Gaius, and my own addition, a golden mask with the visage of the bull. Granted to him by Caesar, no doubt. I've made two versions here; the normal, un-scorched set, and the "Oh hey, a nuke just went off right over there!" variant.

I want to make more of these. Hell, I'd like to make these in some kind of 3D tool and turn them into actual in-game assets. Maybe one day, or maybe some inspired soul will beat me too it. In any case, this is just a mock-up for an idea. There will be others coming more than likely not. Please, give your feedback in the comments. If you read all that, you are a madman, and you get mad props. Thank yuh


  1. Krashface
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    This is more than simply gorgeous, this is inspiring.
    For how much I like the ide of Post-apocalyptic Roman Soldiers (been an italian myself, I don't lie by saying that the Legion was the first faction I joined), but they looks more wannabies. This sketch makes one think that maybe the Legion should've had a diversification between tribes in their ranks.
    Like Gaius here, this looks unique, an imitation of Lanius for distinguish him from lower ranks yet diverse, despite the fact he was fried by a nuke you/me/us launched to Dry Wells.

    The legion, to me, had to be worked more than "sporty raiders". Ok for lower members and recruits to have sport equipment, but higher members, even Pretorians (maybe more than anyone, been Caesar and Lanius' bodyguards) should've had metal, combat or Power Armor components.

    Yet again, your job will inspire me in creating something,
    1. MitchTheTwitch
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      Hey thanks! Sorry I didn't see your message, I don't check these posts often. I'm glad you like the designs! I may actually be coming back to this idea and doing more of these designs in the near future..
  2. Farazzak
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    This is an awesome concept! I would love to see this happen in-game. I could see a brahmin skull being used as a base for the helmet, and texture-wise, having it look either a painted gold, or dipped in hot brass to give it that golden color. The best armor mods for something like this, I think, is a good blend of original creativity, and understanding what would have shown up based on the resources available in an apocalyptic wasteland and I think you've done it!

    You should talk with YanL on Legion armor concepts. He's really got an eye for this kind of stuff. As seen in one of his latest legion mods, I can see the extensive use of the football armor as a large cache they found and it started to take on a standardized look after a while, but I agree that there would be alot more individuality especially since while they're a (relatively) organized army based off an ancient empire they're still scavenging what they can find.
    1. MitchTheTwitch
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      Thanks! I actually originally had the mask a straight up Brahmin skull, but I figured that this guy has had a suit of armor made for him specically, he probably has a helmet of some kind to go with it. The original sketch was a lot more speaking of the tribal roots form which the Legion's men hail. It's a design I might double back on later to use for a Medicus/Shaman type legionnaire, with some heavy modifications of course.
  3. PrinceMinusA
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    "So I've been thinking about the Legion and how little love they get."
    You should probably talk with YanL then. The sketch you made for concepting is not too bad, the stylized aspect of it kind of reminds me if Scribblenauts with more detail. But if you're looking into conceptualizing for the full armor, including a full turntable of what it'll look at from all angles is important.
    1. YanL
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      Not me, I actually love their football pads XD looks REALLY cool in cosplays, imho

      Too bad I´m the only one who thinks that way lol
      too bad that their uniforms in the game are nothing like those cosplays either

      About the concept, simply SPECTACULAR. Love it and hope you (the author of the picture) make others :)

      P.S: The colors DO remember Scribblenauts.
    2. MitchTheTwitch
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      Thanks for the feedback! It's something I should've done here that I'll be sure to do for the rest of these.