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  1. 7thNighthawk
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    @harimau93: Not really, you can find them on Deviantart. Problem is that they are just props and are not worth much unless you have some knowledge of Blender. Making them drivable would be a huge task as I am sure most of the car mod creators on the Nexus can confirm. Thanks!

    @GoliathUnit13074: Just looked it up - fitting sound indeed ^^ Hah, thanks but I can't take credit.

    @marauder345: Thank you!

    @cormell: Hah, obviously, nothing like a DB5. Thanks!

    @SuperPCGamer: I can't send you the .nifs but I can send you the links.

    @UCSPAnther: Just took a look at his cars and yes, it fits in although it would have to show more engine parts and exhausts for that.

    @uhmattbravo: Ah, interesting, I'll send you a pm but if you plan on releasing it here, you'll have to make it that way that only F4 owners can use it.

  2. uhmattbravo
    • supporter
    • 1,430 posts
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    "Making them drivable would be a huge task as I am sure most of the car mod creators on the Nexus can confirm"

    It's actually surprisingly easy if you've already made a drivable vehicle system you could just add them on to....... care to share a link or two?
  3. UCSPanther
    • member
    • 8 posts
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    The second car looks like something that rolled out of Ed Roth's shop.
  4. SuperPCGamer
    • member
    • 180 posts
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    If you send me the converted nif files I can make them drivable with XRE.
  5. cormell
    • premium
    • 22,815 posts
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    Cool cars, cool nights, and cool characters. The Aston was the coolest of all.
  6. marauder345
    • supporter
    • 366 posts
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    Now that's a a nice car driven by an elegant woman.
  7. GoliathUnit13074
    • supporter
    • 2,123 posts
    • 38 kudos
    I don't know why, but I can imagine that second car sounding like one of those flying cars from The Jetsons. That's also a nice Aston Martin at the end
  8. harimau93
    • member
    • 1,881 posts
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    holy molly! is those cars from any mods?? it look gorgeous in your screenshot!! terrific.