Laser beam reflection

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Something I've been working on.
If DT is too high for laser beam to penetrate it, it will be reflected off of armor. It only affects Heavy armor class and is purely aesthetic.


  1. miguick
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    Purely aesthetic, but still awesome. Makes the In Shining Armor perk look more like the real deal.
    I have to wonder, how do you retrieve the exact impact point on the actor's body?
    1. KiCHo666
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      Asked JIP for such function, but no answer.
      So, what I did was to check for DT OnHit event and if it's too high, replace impact data nif with custom one which looks like a laser beam, but shorter. In addition to that, nif orientation was changed to Projectile reflection.
    2. weijiesen
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      I -think- there's a JIP function for getting the source/instance of a sound effect (3d transform in the worldspace).
      Meaning if you made a new unique sound for the impact you spawn, then you could place an ACTUAL projectile or activator at that very spot.
  2. YanL
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    fantastic 0_0
  3. jim_uk
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    That's awesome.
  4. phoenix0113
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    Perfect! Now I can finally role play as Mirror-Man
  5. harimau93
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    *phenomenal in shining armor perk