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Been a while since I checked in here, but just wanted to drop by to wish y'all a happy new year, and to drop a link to the fancy-schmancy new site I put together back in December to hold my random stuff. Feel free to check it out if you want. Or not, ya know. I don't really care. But some people asked me about it... And yeah, it's totes hella legit! *dab*

I put up a couple of unreleased things there, and any other mods I may make will probably end up there as well - not that I'm really planning on working on anything at the moment. I haven't even had time to work on my comics. But, to make it easier on everybody, I'll perhaps upload an image here whenever there's something new, just cos I know some people just like to keep it all in one place and be notified about new uploads rather than having to go looking for stuff. If you're interested in testing a vanilla body version of nivea's awesome Spice of Life (pictured) I have a test version there, as nivea mentioned I could have this beta tested last time we talked several months ago.

That's about it. It took me forever to update two mods earlier today and that's enuf. I'll sort through my messages tomorrow if I can. Stay safe, everybody!


  1. IgnorantKnight
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    Hey I know this might sound stupid but I am having problems installing the vanilla bodies patch, would you (or anyone reading this) mind explaining how to install it?
    EDIT: If it helps I use Fallout Mod Manager.
    1. Gregoth
      • member
      • 9 posts
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      Install main file and an optional file of your choice (for example i use Player only version) from Nivea's page with your mod manager,then unpack Jokerin's archive with Vanilla body patch,go to "Complete BSA" folder,open it and drop the file 1nivVSLArmors.bsa you find inside to your Data folder. Click Yes and overwrite. (for example mine Data folder is C:program filesx86-steam-steamapps-common-Fallout New Vegas-Data). And that's all,enjoy your new outfits :)
  2. Gregoth
    • member
    • 9 posts
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    Thank you for the Spice of Life patch,you did a great job with it. I didn't find any problems with it,everything works and looks perfect in game (i used BSA version)! Thanks again for sharing it with us and i all the best ;)
  3. Keleigh3000
    • premium
    • 3,228 posts
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    Hey, you copied my Geocities page, lol!

    Nice to see the Doc out and about. He looks pretty happy hanging out with Sunny, maybe he's finally getting over that high school sweetheart?

  4. EvilOssie
    • supporter
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    Just now found this...'gratz on the site!
  5. TheToast69
    • member
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    Just looked at the website, looks like it came straight out of 2003, I love it!
  6. SpaceCoretardis
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  7. JimboUK
    • premium
    • 45,075 posts
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    It's good to see you.
  8. daedriccat
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    • 680 posts
    • 7 kudos
    Good to see you! Happy New Year to you too

    I've wanted to ask you, what sunglare do you use?
  9. requested
    • member
    • 311 posts
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    Happy new year to you too, Jokerine.
  10. AusAllerWelt
    • supporter
    • 1,228 posts
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    You're still alive