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  1. cormell
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    Just some silliness, but I've always wondered what made these idiots tick.

    @ Bernt - You're quite welcome. Who knows what Smalley may investigate next.

    @ jim - Wise and under-appreciated. Don't forget his stellar efforts during the Elf Wars.

    @ janswin - LOL. Yeah, I guess it is like the Easy City Downs racetrack. Guy has been around for a few years in my stories. Yep, he is an ass and usually gets himself beat up for being obnoxious.

    @ Karna - Thank you.

    @ Brig - I'm not sure whether GP was aiming at the Thug or Guy.

    @ Max - Charming, that he is. Like fingernails on a chalkboard charming.

    @ deshaz - Nobark comes through once again.
  2. FastBlackCat
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    • 27,805 posts
    • 190 kudos
    Zetan virgins? I'm almost afraid to know . . . Really fun and funny, Laird. Like others have said, I missed Guy Smalley, obnoxious and interfering as he is.

    P.S. Can't remember which ENB you told me you were using, but it looks fantastic.
  3. deshaz
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    • 11,355 posts
    • 75 kudos
    Well, that explains it
  4. mixlmax
    • premium
    • 2,588 posts
    • 61 kudos
    awesome set, i missed Guy Smalley...he's such a ''charming'' character
  5. Brigand231
    • premium
    • 35,447 posts
    • 331 kudos
    Oh golly how I've missed Guy Smalley! I loved the GP cameo too.
  6. Karna5
    • premium
    • 4,596 posts
    • 137 kudos
    This set is fantastic! I love it Thanks for sharing it, Cormell
  7. RatherWindy
    • account closed
    • 23,990 posts
    • 163 kudos
    I s this the FalloutNV version of the robot races in Fallout 4 ?
    The host is pretty full of himself I guess,..
  8. jim_uk
    • premium
    • 39,565 posts
    • 379 kudos
    No Bark is wise.
  9. Bernt
    • premium
    • 37,198 posts
    • 267 kudos
    Rrrrigghhhttt......... NOW it makes sense. Thank you for shedding light on this hitherto deeply illogical behavior Messrs Cormell, Smalley and - not leat- NoBark
    Laughed my silly head off here -and still chuckling