Cool story, I was doing the early parts of the BoS quest in FNV. I was at the part where I had to convince Ranger Dobson to leave his current camp. Just to let you know, Dobson was outside his camp since he was scouting out the Correctional Facility. After I convinced him to leave, I was on my way back to the bunker. As I was going back, I heard gunfire. I remembered that Powder Gangers had a camp at the entrance to Hidden Valley and obviously, NCR and Powder Gangers hate each other's guts. When I turned around, Ranger Dobson was mowing all of the Powder Gangers all by himself! He got multiple headshots too! And there were like four or five of them! He held his ground while the Powder Gangers were ganging up on him. After he killed all the Powder Gangers, he walked on back to his camp, probably to pack up. It was like a scene straight out of a movie! This is a shot I took of the aftermath of the gunfight. As you can see, Ranger Dobson swatted them all like flies. They weren't lying when they said that the Rangers were a one man squad. 

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