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STEP 1)  Download and install Fallout Character Overhaul 2.3.1.  That is NOT the main version of the file.  Version 2.3.1 is at the bottom of the Files page, under "Old Files'.  If you install version 3.0 at the top of the page, you will have endless issues.  The texture paths were changed in v3.0 and they will not work with NVR3.  It will break.  You will have pink faces.  You will bug me with questions that have been answered many many times.  VERSION 2.3.1!!!!!!  NOT VERSION 3.0!!!!!!!!!

FCO 2.3.1 Installer Options:

Most of these I wouldn't bother with.  I did test these out:

A)  First page, Other Textures:  Hair Textures.  EDIT:  Don't use these.  Despite some hairs looking a bit better, others become problematic.  More trouble than they're worth.

B)  First page, Other Textures:  Eye Textures.  REALLY don't bother - NVR3 should overwrite all of these anyway.

C)  Second page, Roberts Patch:  If you are using Roberts male body replacer, definitely use the Roberts Patch.  I got horribly mismatched hand textures without it.  This patch does require FCOMaster.esm be activated though (and starting with QRNVR3 v.1.4.0, leaving it enabled is no longer a problem and is actually recommended for certain features - see below.)

D)  Second page, NPC Addons:  NVR3 doesn't address most of these, so use them if you prefer the image in the installer to what the base mod gives you.  I do think both versions of Willow by Dracomies, included in the QRNVR3 installer, are excellent and would use those instead.

STEP 2)  Install New Vegas Redesigned 3.  First install the main file - "New Vegas Redesigned 3 version 3.7".  Then install "Update from 3.7 to 4.4".  If you're using MO2, I recommend to "Merge" the Update into the primary 3.7 installation.  As for the "Compatibility with other mods" optional file, I have remade most of those patches for QRNVR3 which are available during installation.  The exceptions are the Lings and Mikoto patches, since I can't even find Lings anymore and don't use Mikoto.  If these no longer work and there is a need for them to be remade for QRNVR3, and someone can direct me with a link to Lings, let me know.

If you are not going to also install QRNVR3, it's recommended that you disable FCOMaster.esm in your plugin list if you want your game to look the way Dracomies intended (and I agree with his reasons).  You will not get the custom races for the PC that FCO offers though.  With QRNVR3 installed, you can leave it enabled, you will get the FCO PC custom race, beard and eyes options, you can use the Roberts patch I mentioned above, and it won't mess with the appearance of NPCs.  Win win win.

STEP 3)  To install QRNVR3, please read and follow the rest of the instructions on the QRNVR3 description page.

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  1. Gabro11
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    Question: would it cause some conflict using the glowing one addon of Character Overhaul?
    1. ursaber
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      When you recommend to "merge" with the main file, does that entail naming the Update the same as the Main File? Cause I know of no other way to merge. 

      Also, how do i reorganize a mod whose organization is not recognizable to MO2?
  2. Carmabeast
    • member
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    Great article! Just for clarification: when we update NVR3.7 to 4.4, do we add both the NVR3 + NVR3 (No Fort) plugins, or only one?
    1. SkyrimMods987
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      Did you end up figuring it out? I'm wondering the same thing
    2. chucklesauce
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      • 1 posts
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      I'm using QRFNVR3 and experienced a ton of body/face color mismatching initially. I thought it was a result of using the mod alongside Breeze's and Type3 but after disabling the 'New Vegas Redesigned 3 (No Fort).esp' the mismatching issue disappeared almost entirely. I only tested it for a few hours but didn't notice any issues so I'm going to tentatively say the 'NVR3 (No Fort).esp' is unnecessary, at least when using QRFNVR3.
  3. ForeverGames
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    How do I install with MO2 if the program tells me that the files weren't organized correctly? It tells me: No game data on top level. This is with the update to 4.6 files.
    1. ghastlybaptism
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      You have to move the folders so that the ones called "textures" etc are at the top level and not within another folder. You can move them within MO2 or in the file explorer.
  4. czarnobiay
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    yo any help step by step using Vortex pls i try 3x and im stuck at 3.7 update and all broke,just reinstall windows and im wondering maybe should i use mo2 or i can easly do this at vortex...im beginer and want to do this correct if anyone read it pls help :S chers c|_|
    1. Mariozi
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      If you're talking about 3.7 to 4.4 NVR3 update, then you have to unpack it and delete (or use files from) the OPTIONAL folder and, possibly, the changelog. Then archive it again or use the folder, if Vortex allows that.
  5. endocannibal
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    Infinite thanks for this guide, and for making the refinement mod.
  6. donutism
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    A little Question do I clean NVR with FNVeditautoclean because LOOT says it has dirty plugins which is the NVR, Bitter springs redesign, and Gomorrah Redesign?
    1. KotovChaos
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      • 569 posts
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      I'm reasonably sure the replacers and instructions in this patch take care of that. So I would say don't
  7. franzaschubert
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    This is really incredible, and essential. Thank you so much for this.
  8. GhostWight
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    A little confused: whenever I install New Vegas Redesigned 3, my character and every NPC has an extra set of floating eyebrows. I have absolutely no clue how to remedy this issue, and would appreciate help if possible. Is it because I installed the mod incorrectly? Did I install FCO incorrectly? I use Mod Organizer 2 if that helps any. Thank you for reading.
  9. T00EZ
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    How do you "patch" in Mod Organizer 2?
    1. Jinoru
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      What do you mean?
  10. warpig960
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    Excellent guide, thanks so much! Character models are vastly improved after following this guide.

    Heads up to anyone wondering:
    - install FCO with Roberts patch first
    - install redesign (following all QRNVR3 steps)
    - install Roberts (and pipboy fix patch)

    Installing Roberts prior to redesign ends up with the couriers body completely messed up and a big black square on the chest