Fallout New Vegas

Short break but where back

So some of you might be aware that fallout Atlanta was put on hold around the end of april. This was because my PC decided to die. This was however very unfortunate because after the Alpha update at the end of feb. The project was going pretyy nicely. Plently of progress being made with a new area added. However all progress came to a halt. And just like the the project was no more. However I have been given a PC. So now the project can now continue. And has the PC is a significant upgrade there be plently more content. Not only is the PC quicker and loading elements of the geck that will save time it should also intheory be able to do more labour intensive jobs such as generate the LOD. I will now also be able to get some decent higher quality screen shots in game and also do videos. So this should be very cool. Will keep everyone updated , Now working overtime to make up for lost time.

If you want to stay updated then here the link to the discord ; https://discord.gg/PT5ksz

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