Fallout New Vegas

Above you see a photo of Cass in an outfit I just put her in. The outfit might look like it was made to go together, or like it's all from the same mod, but it isn't.

The bra and thong are from this mod, the garter belt is a ported version of The Father and Nun mod from Fallout 3, the stockings are from The Slinky Dress mod, and the shoes are from my 50er Nostalgie Port for New Vegas mod. Since none of these items where ever made to work together, the question is just how do we get them to work and look good together when forced to co-operate?

The first thing we need to do is get them all on the same page, and have different items that occupy the same space on the body use the same equipment slots. Opening up the items using the GECK, I can reassign what equipment slots they use, and adapt them to my own system. Using my own system as an example, I use the Body Addon 1 slot for tops (bras, shirts, etc.), the Body Addon 2 slot for bottoms (panties, skirts, etc.), the Body Addon 3 slot for Shoes and the Upperbody slot I use for any item that uses a mesh which contains a body mesh (sometimes, you have to open up an item's mesh in Nifskope and look), which I'd normally use for the garter belt in most cases. However, the garter belt I'm using from the Father and Nun mod does not contain a body mesh, so I'm using the nose ring slot since I never use nose rings in the game. For the stockings, I use the headband slot since I never use headbands in the game.

Now that we've got all these items to co-operate, it's time to get them to look good together, and if this doesn't happen on it's own, then you need to open up the mesh for the item in NIfskope and make adjustments to the items that overlap wrongly with one another, or have clipping issues. Even if you're good at doing this, you have to keep in mind that the items you're working with may never look good when forced to work together, no matter how much effort you're willing to put into it.

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