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  • Side Quests and Additional Locations

    Side Quest/Location Guide

    This guide is to help you with side quests and in general finding all of the side content.

    There are mild spoilers here - I recommend doing some exploring before using this.

    Side Quests:

    Lurking Below - Start Location: Simply walk to the southwest section of the map and it will start automatically.

    For Glory (and Steel) - Start Location: Johanna's Lake at the far northern part of the map - simply enter the cabin at the edge of the canyon. Note: for this quest make sure to defeat everything both outside and inside both buildings.

    Do You Know Darkwood? - Start Location: Talk to Jess in Darkwood Falls.

    Books for...

  • Ver 3.05 Changelog (So far)

    - PNG's In 4k
    Edited "Please Read Me!.txt"
    Added 'vault_suit_template" to "PNG's In 4k"

    - Main files:
    Improvements made to weapons_bumper_sword
    Remade weapons_dart_gun
    Improvements made to weapons_10mm_pistol
    Improvements made to weapons_bb_gun
    Improvements made to weapons_flamer
    Improvements made to weapons_hunting_lever_gun
    Improvements made to weapons_hunting_shotgun
    Improvements made to weapons_lever_action_shotgun
    Remade weapons_thermic_lance
    Remade weapons_time_bomb
    Improvements made to weapons_boxing_tape
    Improvements made to missile_launcher
    Improvements made to weapons_bladed_gauntlet
    Remade weapons_cattle_prod
    Improvements made to weapons_assault_carbine
    Remade ...

  • My config for using NVTF

    ;This plugin now requires Windows 7 or above (sorry, XP and Vista)

    ;Fix for the dreaded 64Hz bug, it's also required for the high fps fix below
    bGTCFix = 1
    ;Self Explanatory
    bFastExit = 1
    ;Inline dumb obsidian functions. Can help with load times and other stuff
    ;This adds a spin to some critical sections (if you don't know, it's for multithreading). 
    ;This modifies vanilla DX9 behavior so textures don't get mirrored into RAM and offers D3D9X as an option. D3D9Ex is necessary for exclusive fullscreen
    ;it offers some extra features, too
    ;Massive RAM usage decrease expected
    ;If you plan to use ENB for whatever reason, you'll have to use windowed mode or OneTweak unl...

  • My config for using Stewie Tweaks

    ; sort the ini alphabetically
    bSortAlphabetically = 0
    ; add new settings to the top of the ini
    bPrependNewSettings = 1

    ; changes the PipBoy clock to be in 12 hour format
    b12HourPipboyClock = 1
    ; changes the sleep/wait clock to be in 24 hour format
    b24HourSleepWaitClock = 0
    ; adds hotkey 'Q' to drop the currently selected item from the Pip-Boy menu
    bAddInventoryDropItemHotkey = 0
    ; remove the need to specify a count when using additem and removeitem commands
    bAddItemCommandNeedsNoCount = 0
    ; pressing the iTogglePipboyLight key while aiming with a night vision weapon toggles the night vision effect
    bAddNightVisionToggle = 1
    ; add RGB sliders for the main HUD color to the settings menu

  • My Load Order

    Project Nevada - Core.esm
    Functional Post Game Ending.esm
    JIP Companions Command & Control.esp
    The Mod Configuration Menu.esp
    SenterPats Weapon Pack.esp
    Casino Exchange All.esp
    The Weapon Mod Menu.esp
    Retaming Two Wastelands.esp
    Total active plugi...

  • The 'Cons' of Ver 3

     There will be some missing patches in this version. One of those missing is 'Project Nevada' and 'More Perks'.

    'Project Nevada' is a outdated mod, with many alternatives - but the good news is that the standalone version 'Cyberware 2281' has been patched.
    'More Perks' is also a outdated mod, and i choose to no longer support this mod simply because most of the perks icons are hacked together from the vanilla icons. The icons that are unique or nice looking has been sent to 'Modders Resource'.

    Other missing patches are:
    Vault Girl - The reason behind this is: the vanilla icons have been overhauled, because of this - these icons need to be set to the same standard as the vanilla icons. This will eventually be included in a future patch


    I have been trying to improve weapons in FNV for two years, from today I have decided to open an account here on Nexus and start releasing them, so that everyone can use them. This is the first in a long series: the legendary Garand M1

    Hope u enjoy :)...

  • Editing the INI

    The mod stores most of its data in an external ini file which doesn't come with the mod files but instead is created automatically once you run the game and register your first character.
    You can edit this file at your will but do note that this is considered cheating to Dead Is Dead challenge so it's advised to only edit when you need it.
    Also note that wrong edits can break the mod's functionality, though it's always possible to completely reset everything by deleting the file.

    The file name/location is ...path to game folder\Data\Config\h-z's did charlist.ini.
    If you're using mod manager this file can be located somewhere else, you may check "Overwrite" folder or something along the lines (I don't have much experience with mod managers, sorry)....

  • Coming Fixes

    Thank you to everyone who's played so far! There are some things I'd like to fix in upcoming updates, and improve upon, based on my own nitpicking and player suggestions.

    Provide full Vortex integration so you don't have to place voice files separately
    Add additional quests to flesh out the relationship between the Courier and Joshua
    Somehow work in Joshua's religion more to the relationship increase realism

    I'm very new to modding in general and learning as I go along, but in a couple weeks I should have an update ready to roll out. ...

  • Possibilities

    Thank you for taking a look at Zion's Fire! 

    If the mod gains traction, might do a dev play-through of it. For now, enjoy!...

  • Steampunk in Wasteland

     JIP LN NVSE Plugin

  • Upgrading from 1.7 to 1.8

    In the aaaSCPTCustomizableCompanionActor actor script, paste the following snippet into the "if (IsHired == 1)" section, after the section that's labeled "Do not follow Player into L38 Penthouse"

    ;Move to Player if left waiting in L38 when Player starts endgame
     ;Yes Man
     if (GetStage VHDIndependentBattle >= 10)
    if (CustomizableCompanionREF.GetInCell Lucky38CasinoFloor01 == 1) && (CustomizableCompanionREF.Waiting == 1)
     CustomizableCompanionREF.MoveTo Player
     set CustomizableCompanionREF.Waiting to 0

     ;Mr. House
     if (GetStage VHDHouseBattle >=...

  • Starting over

    Remaking from the ground up, this was a good start though....

  • This is My First Mod

    Everything should work as far as I know, if not please tell me and if you have suggestions id like those too. It's a humble quest mod that I plan to iterate upon further, hopefully all goes well....

  • important

    House the key for the basement is on table loot The ghoul in the house theres a note for what happened...

  • Cass's Rearmament

    Tired of lugging Sister Fister and the Depressed Ogre around? Want a depressed cowgirl instead, but don't want her to be absolutely awful in combat thanks to her really bad basic shotgun? Wanna make the effort to get her as a companion worth it? Then Download Cass's Rearmament today! With this mod her firepower's now able to compete with the bigwigs thanks to her newly added Automatic Rifle! 

    Author's Note:

    I haven't uploaded a mod since the Jimmy Salads companion mod that is with lack of other words: awful.

    This is insanely basic, I know but I have one small mod that adds content to some 'content-less' areas like the Mountain Shadows Campground, and the Mole Rat ranch, it's not insanely big but I'm just h...



    he's almost completely OP

    not completely OP though since he can't one-shot deathclaws....