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  • Leave some comments

    Comment any bug reports or anything else like suggestions....

  • The remake of a mod

    I'm not good with titles and I don't know what i'm doing here but, safe to say that this was my first mod, well not really, more of a restoration or a recreation....

  • Fallout New Vegas weapon sounds overhaul 2018

    This is my first mod ever, a total overhaul of the weapons sounds of Fallout New Vegas with high-quality sounds. This mod doesn't include energy weapons and explosives (coming soon).
    This is a little part of a fully  remastered version of Fallout New Vegas and 3 (with Tales of New Wastelands mod) I'm working on... ;)
    I hope you enjoy it, more news and mods will coming soon
    To install it, put all the files in FNV's Data folder. The mod requires all DLCs....

  • As of 2.0j the list of changes is now bundled with TAA's mod archive

    The list of changes is now bundled with the mod itself.

    I would have preferred to use the articles tab because I know many users would prefer to see what exactly the mod does without having to download the mod first, but the LOGS tab has about as much functionality as the default bare-bones windows text editor does, and text-edit boxes for everything else -- not just articles -- is completely broken, and I've had enough of dealing with it.

    Why remove the log? 

    Nexus bold-ifyed my entire log when I went to update it for 2.0j, and wouldn't let me un-bold-ify it. Do you know how long it takes to format a Master List of nearly every change this mod makes? I'm overhauling the entire game! I've had enough of wasting time and bandwidth clicking through multipl...

  • What to Expect for the Next Version

    This will be a brief document on what to expect when the next major update of this mod comes out sometime in the next few weeks:
    -Weapons in F:NV fire slower the more and more they're damaged, though this is really only noticeable on weapons with a high RoF. There's GMST tweaks that control the RoF penalty based on condition to an exact point, and those will be changed to make the effects stronger. 

    -Greater penalties for broken limbs (such as increased aim sway with damaged arms (if possible), further perception loss for damaged head, etc). Slightly reduced limb durability in general is also being looked into, as is the possibility of certain limbs being more vulnerable to damage than others.

    -Hunger / sleep deprivation / dehydratio...

  • The meaning of the INI variables

    The INI options are divided in 3 sections. The 'MCM' section contains variables that can be changed in the MCM interface, except the 'bDebugMode' variables, used for debugging. The 'DefaultValues' sections contains variables that are not included in the 'MCM' interface. The last section is used the modify the variables set in the previous sections when the user adds the perk 'Longer Breath'. Note that these settings are loaded in each game section.

    bEnable = 1.0000 ; Disable(0)\Enable(1) the Mod

    iHoldBreathHotkey = 42.0000 ; Hotkey for using the feature.

    iParameterToConsume = 1.0000 ; 3 - Stamina from Stamina Mod\2 - Action Points\ Else - None

    bHUDMessageShow = 1.0000 ; Disable(...

  • Revision coming soon...

    After a long time away (school, three jobs, etc etc), I will be completely overhauling this mod; and a few of my other projects across the Nexus.
    In regards to this mod, I will be addressing the following:

    Attempt to reproduce and properly address the 'Chet Death' bug mentioned in the comments. Odd as it is, the cell I created may have somehow been linked to Chet's store.
    Replace some of the unselectable containers,  and update containers that have the incorrect items.
    Overhaul WMX & PN integration to include the merged or unmerged ESP's (users choice).
    Integrate DLC Weapons and ammunition types from Dead Money, Honest Hearts, Old World Blues & Lonesome Road.
    Integrate DLC Weapons and ammunition types from the Courier's Stash, Gun...

  • Making weapons added by other mods support Legendary effects

    This guide requires some modding experience.

    There are 2 methods for doing this. The first one is intended for inexperienced modders and takes less than one minute, but might create compatibilty issues. The second method might take up to 5-10 minutes and is more reliable, but requires advanced modding knowledge in some cases. Method 1 can be done using FNVEdit while Method 2 might require GECK for script compilation.

    Method 1
    Go to the weapon form and add the following script to it: xqLNWLegendaryItemScript. If the weapon already has a script attached to it and it seems important for the functionality of the weapon, abort and apply Method 2 instead. After adding the script, add the weapon form to the following formlist: xqLNWLegendaryWeaponsFormList.

  • A Weapon Lost In TIme

    This was meant to be one of sailor moon's gear but somehow it got lost. now found in goodsprings school house, courier six now has the power to wield it.

    this is my first mod so if there are any bugs let me know and i will try to fix them....

  • It's not over

    The mod is not complete and I will be doing more work on it do not worry about that if you don't want spoilers for the complete mod do not download this version...

  • Curb Your Enthusiasm Theme Death Music

    Replaces the death music with the theme of Curb Your Enthusiasm...

  • Stylish plugin to improve "new" nexus design

    Gribbleshnibit8 has created a Stylish css userstyle to improve the "new" Nexus Mods pages. 

    Stylish is a browser plugin which applies user styles to specified webpages. To use, you will nee the Stylish browser extension, and the userstyle Gribbleshnibit8 created:

    To preview the changes, view the imgur album. 
    Most of the changes are to Mod/File pages, but there are some on the main page for a game. (Full album linked after the two marked up sample images).

    Basically, he has done as much as possible to eliminate extra space. It's harder to tell, but he has also removed extra "wasted" buffer spaces and shrunk text bars to remove wasted space above/below text, ...

  • Tried to update the image but it got worse...

    Especially with that "BONK!" ^^

    Found it a bit poor to kick a Coyote. They just look like cute doggies. :P...

  • Getting back to "SetBaseFactionRank"

    The initial suggestion of JIP with "SetBaseFactioRank" and some hints by miguick and RoyBatterian got me back to give this method a try.
    And I don't know what went wrong last time, but now I also have the correct references for IWS.
    But I am still writing on the codes for the base records of FalloutNV.esm.
    Those are many...
    Also, as I don't know if people use some of the unused creatures which are found in the game files, I include them either. XD

    This gonna take a while......

  • Scancodes

    Hex  Dec  Button
    0x01     1  Escape
    0x02     2  1
    0x03     3  2
    0x04     4  3
    0x05     5  4
    0x06     6  5
    0x07     7  6
    0x08     8  7
    0x09     9  8
    0x0A    10  9
    0x0B    11  0
    0x0C    12  Minus
    0x0D    13  Equals
    0x0E    14  Backspace
    0x0F    15  Tab
    0x10    16  Q
    0x11    17  W
    0x12    18  E
    0x13    19  R
    0x14    20  T
    0x15    21  Y
    0x16    22  U
    0x17    23  I
    0x18    24  O
    0x19    25  P
    0x1A    26  Left Bracket
    0x1B    27  Right Bracket
    0x1C    28  Enter
    0x1D    29  Left Control
    0x1E  ...

  • Installing extra UI fonts using JIP LN NVSE

    A new feature was added in update 50.80, expanding the total number of font-types that can be used in the game's UI, adding 22 extra font-type slots to the existing 8 (as defined in Fallout.ini).

    Essentially, this enables installing custom fonts easily, safely, without overwriting the default fonts and without tampering with any INI files.

    Note that this should be considered an advanced feature and is mostly intended to be used by modders developing user interface mods.

    Extra fonts may be installed in one of two methods:

    Method 1 (recommended):
    Adding a plain text file (MyModName.txt) to \data\NVSE\plugins\xfonts
    The fonts are to be listed in the file and formatted as follows:
    <Font Number>=<...

  • Compatibility Notes

    While Delay Level Up is built to be as compatible with other mods as possible, there are some limitations and potential conflicts that are impossible to account for. This section lists all the currently known and potential issues that you can run into with Delay Level Up

    Issues related to No Forced Leveling & Chargen Mode

    Because the No Forced Leveling feature keeps chargen mode enabled, Delay Level Up may interfere with some scripted events that are programmed to not occur while in this mode.

    One example is the voice of the stealth suit Mk II, which is muted when chargen mode is enabled. A patch for Old World Blues that fixes this issue can be downloaded in the optional files section.

    No Forced Leveling also causes issues when used in co...