10 Billion Downloads

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A beast of monstrous proportions is approaching. We spotted it a while back, lumbering over the horizon. It has since picked up such momentum that its arrival is now upon us.

The site will hit 10 billion file downloads today.

This is an epic milestone for Nexus Mods and the modding community. To put this number into perspective:

  • If every download were a footstep, you could walk to the moon 11 times (1), or walk The Seven Thousand Steps (2) to High Hrothgar 4,161,464 times.
  • If we celebrated every download with a slice of pizza (3), this pizza would cover 15 times the size of Manhattan Island.
  • If a file download was made every second, it would take 317 years (4) to download all files.

These 10,000,000,000 downloads are spread across 539,682 mod files, created by a vibrant community of 128,361 mod authors, serving over 47 million total members, modding 2,683 different games.

While the legacy of Nexus Mods stretches back almost 20 years, over recent years the growth of the site has accelerated significantly. We currently see around 10 million downloads per day and rising.

Our modding community continues to develop in complexity and tool sophistication and has evolved through the various phases of growth, maturity and ultimate mitosis, fragmenting into thousands of niche communities with very specific needs and objectives. We aim to support each of these communities as best we can.

Nexus Mods' mission is to support a positive modding community where anyone can easily mod their games and create and share their creations. Part of our challenge has been to navigate an often difficult path through a global audience's conflicting viewpoints and diverse opinions. As always, your feedback and input about our site and services are invaluable.

What does the future hold?

As we move towards the next 10 billion downloads, we have a lot of exciting developments on the horizon including the future Nexus Mods App and our significant investment in scaling and developing our services and website, for example site preferences and notification improvements.

Our objective is to continue supporting the growth of the community, particularly mod authors, who are the creative force of the site. To date, we've donated $7,034,953 to our mod authors through Donation Points. We are currently paying out over $300,000 per month in donations to mod authors.

Our next move here will be to provide free premium membership to any mod author who hits a certain number of unique downloads. More news on this will follow over the next few days.

Thanks to you

We want to say a big thanks for continuing to support the site. Through this, we can give back to the creators, the curious-minded, whacky and inventive modders who continue to discover new territory in game development and keep pushing the boundaries of creativity.

(1) You can’t really walk to the moon
(2) Based on the widely accepted number of actual steps being 2,403
(3) Based on the pizza being thick crust Margherita with extra cheese
(4) Half-elf years


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  1. UsernameWithA9
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    Congratulations to you, Demorphic and the whole Nexus team. I can't say that I would have become so obsessed with Morrowind and OpenMW had it not been for this website with it's wealth of mods and information. I can say that I am happy to be a small part of the modding community here at Nexus.
  2. shanks488
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    Deserved for best mod site

    Without this site, many games would not even have the same financial success and I myself would not have touched many titles

    Many thanks to admins, modders and downloaders :-)
  3. Jcolumbo
    • supporter
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     We are currently paying out over $300,000 per month in donations to mod authors.

    Keep it clean y'all...

    ...I know its not easy, and I don't mean the cyber-smut, which is a fine thing, even if its not your thing. I do mean clean as in: actual users aren't aiding and abetting shadow money.  If you guys let this thing become a tans-national financial clearing house and camouflaged bitcoin exchange, I will never forgive you, and I know you wouldn't want that on your suddenly fabulously wealthy consciences.

    Otherwise, pretty impressive numbers on the payouts to modders.  Props to the founders, Arthmor (fnv) comes to mind, who probably never got a cent, or more than 10 cents, for many years.

  4. efaal18
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    Excellent service. Keep up the good work.
  5. Easo
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    Truly amazing!
  6. kant0o
    • member
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    Glad To Be Here. THANK YOU to NEXUS and ALL MODDERS. 

    Here's to 10 more years of FREE MODS. <3           
    • premium
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    Congratulations and the greatest respect to all those, the team, the members and the ingenious modders who made this possible.
    p.s. I can't find the moonwalk mod...
  8. Tkohr
    • supporter
    • 43 kudos
    Congrats, but realy, upgrade your payment methods, only 2 choices, paypal and creditcard is not enough.
  9. MilneCat
    • premium
    • 1 kudos
    Congrats!  You've done so well with managing this monster...glad to see it continue to succeed!
  10. ADVAN021
    • member
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    thats great