Hiring for community management positions

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As part of our relocation process to our offices in Exeter, we now have two job openings at Nexus Mods working within our community management team.

This position is based in our offices in Exeter in the UK and you will need a right to work in the UK before you apply.

Here are the details.

The Role
As a community manager, it is your responsibility to interact with and look after the Nexus Mods community and understand the needs and wants of the various smaller communities within. You will be the public face of Nexus Mods and the go-to person for any questions users have specifically about the community including our rules and regulations and how we enforce them.

Your position will have both an internal and external focus. On the one hand, helping to manage and look after the community we already have while on the other helping to expand the Nexus Mods community further, inviting new mod authors to join us and expanding our reach into new games.

As part of this role you will help to manage and coordinate our moderation team, ensuring they continue to do a good job, providing them support when needed and helping to find and recruit new members to the team as and when necessary.

You will need to have your finger on the pulse of the Nexus modding community, the general gaming modding community and the wider gaming industry so you can fully represent us in all those spheres. It'll be your job to ensure the Nexus Mods community remains strong and vibrant while continuing to grow.

Nexus Mods now has a strong social media presence on both Twitter and Facebook. As community manager, you will source and post highly relevant content on our social media channels and work to increase our reach in social media through promotions and other mediums.

You'll be learning the ropes of your position from our current community management team of SirSalami and Terrorfox1234 and reporting directly to Robin.

  • Managing the moderation team
  • Responding to and dealing with high profile issues with moderation on the site
  • Interacting on the forums and social media every day as the public face of Nexus Mods
  • Expanding the reach of Nexus Mods by communicating with mod authors from games we do not currently support and helping them bring their mods to Nexus Mods
  • Participating in team meetings
  • Working with the rest of the community management team to ensure everyone is on the same page
  • Working with everyone at Nexus Mods to shape the future of our platform

Requirements and Skills

  • This is an office-based position. You need a right to work in the UK and a willingness to relocate to Exeter as soon as possible
  • Strong communication skills both verbally and written (English)
  • The ability to remain calm and impartial even when people in the community are being unfair or unreasonable, maintaining a professional demeanour throughout
  • A good understanding of social media, including Twitter and Facebook
  • A good understanding of how Nexus Mods works and the rules of Nexus Mods
  • A deep understanding of how modding works such that you can properly investigate and resolve mod author conflicts regarding asset permissions

Bonus Skills

  • Previous experience making and releasing mods
  • Previous experience managing social media platforms via Hootsuite or other comparable SM Management tools
  • A sense of humour
  • A love of computer games

Other Information

  • We will offer a competitive market rate salary dependent on your level
  • We will provide high spec hardware for you to work from in the office
  • For the right candidates, we may be able to assist with relocation expenses and logistics
  • This is a full-time office-based position from our offices in Exeter, UK

To Apply
Please send an email to [email protected] with your CV and why you’d be suitable for this role.


  1. alucardghost
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    why not hiring from other country and the can work from their own office . this how the do this day. can come very ship
    in end if you don't like his work send him messageYOU FIREDLOL
    now were i can found starcraft2 cheat
  2. DaedalusMachina007
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    Too bad I wouldn't be welcome in the UK under any circumstances. Maybe Exeter isn't like the rest of the area and actually treats me as a human despite my appearance.
    1. zodiaccat
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      Are you a synth?
    2. DaedalusMachina007
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      Considering how hostile the UK is to people based on appearance, religion, and national origin (as well as severe suppression of free speech), I might as well be.
    3. WightMage
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      You have me kinda curious now...
    4. DaedalusMachina007
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      You could consider me a Laputan Machine ;)
  3. silencer711
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    I’m sure that Terrorfox1234 & SirSalami have already figured out what it takes to get the “Right” to work in the UK. Despite this, I will do some investigating and figure out what it takes to do this. I remain hopeful.

    Edit1: Looks like I’m on the bright side of meeting all the criteria for a UK Work Visa. I’d love to pursue this!
  4. kapy1049
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    My only issue is that I'm good only at " love of computer games"
    1. silencer711
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  5. Andross2000
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    Too bad I live in Antarctica
    1. rocketman501
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      really bro?
  6. KitsuneNZ
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    Ever thought about allowing people to work from home / internationally? - It seems if someone has a secure VPN / decent line and is willing to provide own hardware (vetted by you guys naturally) shouldn't be an issue.
    Alternatively could always ship a laptop to the person you hire, already setup and ready to go (with option to use additional screen of course)
  7. spiritouspath
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    would love to but cant afford to move to uk yet sadly and hello from texas
  8. masternetra
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    Just for those in the UK huh? Oh well.
    1. DuskDweller
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      For anyone able to work in the UK, not just UK residents!
    2. masternetra
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      Well, I'm in the states, the best I could do is telecommute.
    3. marki3931
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      just say america dude
    4. GlennCroft
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      America is not a country, "dude"
    5. lopalop2
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      The United States of America is often abbreviated to just its last word i.e. "America", compadre
    6. dark2r
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      from what i recall Americas are used as a way to define the American region, that is north, central and south america.

      people often say USA or US, they only get to say America if they want to be more precise for the north region, else they say they are from Central America or South America. so yeah, i think you are seeing people in the US call US America, because the rest of the world call it USA, gringo.
    7. shindraco
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      Just say murica ^^
  9. ShadowLegionnaire
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    Woah, I've used Nexus for so long and live right outside Exeter. I'd love to apply but I'm only 17 and go to Exeter College. Would that be a problem?
  10. Bakurai
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    ...Sigh... i would love to apply but due to new legislation even as an australian citizen it's difficult for me to get a working visa unless sponsored by company.
    and i used to have visa for eu but thats gone now too.

    i'm old enough to work have been for quite some time :P and i meet most of the requirements.
    but again life fails me.
    i'm only new to modding and my ck always crashes still but if interested you know where to reach me. any other position may also be good just let me know and i;ll send my cv.

    unless this is a prank then the jokes on me and what a joke