Staff Picks - 19 April 2017

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We’re back and have some brilliant mods for you to take a look at. SirSalami goes back to try out a mod for Morrowind, I check out Elianoras latest Fallout 4 abode, and Terrorfox… well, he just wants some kind of freedom within his Fallout 4 world, our community pick this week adds a lot more content into Skyrim and looks like a great expansion.

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Just remember that other mods on the site may do roughly the same thing, so keep your eyes peeled and understand that these are just personal picks. That said, hopefully, you'll find something you may not have seen before.

Submitted By: TerrorFox1234
Mod: Everyone Is Killable
Game: Fallout 4
Author: Armi88

One of the best aspects of earlier Bethesda games, in my opinion, was the complete freedom of choice. This included being able to kill anyone, regardless of their importance to a quest line. You could, if you wanted, kill literally *everyone* in Morrowind. You would get notifications upon killing a quest related NPC that the quest they were tied to had failed and that was that.

This mod changes all the “essential” tags on NPCs to “protected”. When an NPC is marked as “essential”, they simply can’t die. Mini-nuke directly to the face? No problem. They’ll just walk it off. Bethesda wants to make sure you don’t accidentally break a quest. How sweet of them.

Bah! Away with that nonsense! When an NPC is marked as “protected” it means that, while other NPCs can’t kill them, you sure as heck can! FREEDOM!

If you value freedom of choice, to the extent that you are willing to break important quests, this mod is for you. Time to fire up my “evil karma kill everyone” playthrough.

Submitted By: BlindJudge
Game: Fallout 4
Mod Author: Elianora
Mod: Sanctuary Bunker Player Home

I know, I know, it’s from a well known mod author and yes, I have featured a mod by Eli before. But I had to choose it as my staff pick as I fell in love with it the moment I saw the images.

If you have been on Nexus Mods for a while you will have probably download and used one of Elianoras house/abode mods before. They are all beautifully realised and truly show how much love and time has been spent on them. This is one of the first I have installed into my Fallout 4 world though and it is something special.

No matter how much I tried, I could never get Sanctuary to feel special, preferring to spend my time in Red Rocket purely because I found it more aesthetically pleasing. But when I saw this appear on the site I installed it immediately and jumped straight in.

The bunker is just gorgeous and the more time you spend in this humble abode the more little nuances you pick up. The shelves for Bobbleheads, the terminal and even the addition of all the useful benches.

If you are in the lookout for your own space within Sanctuary, free from the hustle and bustle of the other settlers, then I recommend you check out this mod.

Submitted By: SirSalami
Game: Morrowind
Mod Author: Candlemaster
Mod: Curses

Sorry, no. This isn't a profanity mod. Rather, Curses by Candlemaster adds unidentified and cursed weapons to Morrowind using a system that will be familiar to old-school CRPG and especially roguelike fans.

After installing the mod, you'll begin to find 'unidentified' items which are denoted with a question mark (?) after their name. When equipped, these high-level items will reveal their true nature, often in the form of one or several debuffs applied to the player. More concerning, when equipped these weapons become viciously bound to the character, preventing it from being unequipped.

Equipping a cursed weapon isn't the end of the world though. For a nominal fee, the player can have the curse removed by visiting a healer or a shrine. As the author implies, these costs are intended to be a bit of a money sink for the rich, and are intended for high-level characters. Additionally, you may find some scrolls that can accomplish the task of removing a curse when on the go.

It's not all doom and gloom, however. Rarely, these cursed items can also impart beneficial effects on the character as well, making these new weapons quite mysterious and enticing. What hidden powers does your shiny new weapon contain? You'll have to try it on to find out!

As this is a very new Morrowind mod(!), the author has several ideas on how to expand it, including more weapons and extending the system to include armor and shields. I'm very much looking forward to seeing how this one evolves. Keep it up, Candlemaster!

Submitted By: Aireal2
Game: Skyrim
Mod Author: i73fi
Mod: Northern Encounters

I absolutely love Northern Encounters, it's made it's way into my permanent load order. It add's both places and NPC's. N.E. makes having a "Northern Explorer" fun and more than worthwhile. It add's many a story line and they are most certainly NOT handheld ones, they are also not all easy to find. You see a new person, talk to them and they give you a quest or hints to go and start a quest. Find that "new" fort, house, dungeon... explore, and find that not only is it a new place, it might lead to a new quest. New enemies! Encounters you have not done 1/2 a million times. I've had this mod on every character since 9/26/15 and I know I have not found everything, then again I am not that person that want's to find everything on one character! Combined with certain other mods.. Say Frostfall.. awesomely hard! Sea of Spirits.. even more thing's to see, enemies to encounter! To my mind it's a really spectacular mod for Role Players.. and a challenge for "completionists".

Every week, we feature a few mods that have caught our staff's attention, as well as some that were submitted by you, the Nexus Mods community. If there is a mod you'd like to see on this list, then please check out this quick and handy form.

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Thanks, and have fun modding!


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  1. sm61274
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    can some one make or port a mod over to the xbox one that allows one handed weapons to be sheathed on your back please and thank you
    1. MalthaelAoD
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      um if it's one handed then it wouldn't go on your back. that makes no sense, no one puts a handgun holster on their back. what rifle is one handed? you're not the terminator... (one handed shotgun scene on the motorbike..)
  2. nurmi90
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    I dont have permission for forums or change my own password, could somebody fix my account thanks.
  3. SillyDillyWilly
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    Instead of worrying about these redundant news articles maybe you could dedicate this time to fixing the downloading only Part of a mod issue. Thanks
    1. Ethreon
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      Yea, I bet SirSalami/BlindJudge could've fixed the servers in the time it took to write this article. How dare they do the job they're here for.
  4. Aryell
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    Sanctuary Bunker Player Home is truly awesome!
    1. TheTokenGeek
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      Totally agree Aryell, it's fantastic work.
  5. yourenotsupposedtobeinhere
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    I think it's great that you listed a Morrowind mod for this weeks Staff Picks. I think it would set a great example if the moderation staff and administration of this site endorsed more files. I see that the curse mod you picked has not been endorsed yet. Which is a shame. As I have not tried it I wouldn't be able to. If the mod is good enough to make it into Staff Picks, I would hope the staff also endorses the mods they pick.
    1. SirSalami
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      A shame, indeed. Thanks for the friendly reminder.
    2. yourenotsupposedtobeinhere
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      no probs