Site redesign - sneak peek - part 1

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It’s been a little while coming, but today I’m pleased to give you all a little glimpse into the labour of love that is the newly redesigned

Please take a watch of the video below and let us know your feedback.

Like I mention in the video this is a very early version and certain things are not fully functional as yet, we are looking at changing certain aspects of our framework to make continued development easier, but this means that our time-frame has slipped a little.

Breaking down the video I’ll run through certain parts of the site, firstly the look. We tried many designs, some more ‘radical’ than others, and ran them past the staff and focus group to determine which would serve you all the best in being both aesthetically pleasing while also retaining the high level of functionality that you are used to. The design also had to work with the numerous break points that we wanted to implement and we are really pleased with this end result.

The navigation needed to be easier than what we currently have and be well laid out, responsive to the mouse, able to be used on touchscreen devices and intuitive. I think we have truly nailed all of these. The site functions just as easily on a tablet as it does a desktop and this makes browsing the site while out and about or laying in bed a pleasure.

At the top of the homepage we have the games. This is keeping inline with what we have on the existing site and should make people feel more at home. We have dropped the portrait boxart images and have replaced these with landscape images that can show more iconic and recognisable images from the games we host. To enable users to reach the games that they are most interested in quickly and easily we have also included the ability to add games to a personalised favourites menu. You can have up to 8 favourites at a time and these can be quickly and easily managed from within the menu.

Underneath games, we have gone with the news and articles. This may be a little controversial, but we have discovered through extensive research and heat-mapping that this part of the site is often skipped over and our users jump straight into the game of their choice. We’re hoping that having the news and articles close to the top of the site will interest enough people to take a look. In the same vein, we would like to offer more compelling content in this section, , creating our own as well as having guest contributors get involved. If you have any ideas, then please feel free to drop me a PM or email me at [email protected].

Next, we come to the mods section of the page. This is the front page so you will see mods from each and every game on the site. This will be a great place to see what has just been added to the site and also check out the new ‘random’ tab which will provide you with a totally random selection of mods from our repository. This will also be a feature on a per game basis, allowing users to get their fix of ‘hidden gems’.

At the bottom we have the footer, this is as exciting as a footer gets. It sits there with lots of links on, each of which will host a redesigned page. Feel free to to take a click through when it’s released.

I’d like to mention that what I don’t show is how responsive the site is for different screen resolutions. It doesn’t matter if you have a 4k screen, a 1080p screen or a smartphone, the site will look and function fantastic on all of them.

Profile and collections are going to be introduced at a later date and I’ll be sure to get a post out in the near future covering these in depth.

So what do you think? Please let us know in the comments. We welcome constructive criticism!

----------------------- UPDATE -----------------------
Hey everyone,

Told you we listen :D, following on from all the comments and feedback we are receiving the:

[+] Download Mod 

is being removed, users will now be required to go to the mod page (as before) to download any of the files. Keep the comments and constructive critisicm coming, we love our community and really want to do right by you.

Kind regards



  1. JohnnyTest91
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    So, when I visited the site from youtube link (on mobile) it had the new design? I was already pretty excited, but everywhere else is the old stuff :O
  2. deleted28570945
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    What I would like to see is categories that are more specific. For example, Skyrim - Models and Textures has an insane amount of mods to try to sift through. There is no way to accurately search for only vanilla armor replacers, 2K or 4K. Category branches by new or replacer, by resolution, by plugin or non-plugin, by...everything!
  3. nery89
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    any news about the site redesign or there's the ads/server-thing running before anyything else? bye bye
  4. DarkLord2832
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    Will there be the possibility to try the new site before full implementation?
  5. Tupii
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    Watch out so you don't loose the nexus feel, it looks a bit to generic. Would love to see the colors from the different games sites make an apperance.
    1. Zzyxzz
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    2. PositiveGamer101
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    3. nappilydeestructio
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    4. coolcat4747
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    5. Axtoned
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    6. MikeMoore
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  6. Axtoned
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    f*** YES
  7. xXStretcHXx117
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    I still want the 2010 site back
  8. andrei1945
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    The redesign is nice. I really like the more streamlined interface. Great job so far!
  9. Rolfskytte
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    Extremely excited by this redesign!
    Beautiful stuff. I love that it will be compatible with smartphones and such!
    Very happy and grateful that you are doing this.

    · Who funds this? Yourself? I didn't get that..

    · I will be modding Oblivion extensively in the future - will all the mods be there, all the way back from 2006?

    · I have a suggestion: Themes. I often chose dark themes for my computers and devices.
    I would love a dark theme in addition to the grey, maybe light theme as well, and maybe even a possibility to upload a custom background Maybe that's a little silly though...

    Thanks for the hard work, I appreciate it!
  10. rrrafau
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    Looks very promising, but the design feels like it needs more character. Please, please make it less generic. When I look at it, it's great, but I'm missing the "nexus" feeling here. Whatever it is

    Also, if you're working on new features, may I suggest improving images section so that new images don't just disappear once more is being uploaded, e.g. add a tab where people can see popular or "trending" images, based on how many views / likes they get during the day or sth. That would be cool.

    And of course if you're looking for devs, I'm happy to lend a hand. I won't charge you any caps