OpenMW v0.26.0 released!

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The OpenMW team is proud to announce the release of version 0.26.0! Grab it from our Downloads Page for all operating systems. This is the most violent release of OpenMW to date, with the implementation of Melee combat, Lyncanthropy, and Drowning. See below for the full changelog.

Known Issues:
  • Extreme shaking may occur during cell transitions for some users (enable anti-aliasing as a possible workaround)
  • Polish version of Morrowind.esm makes OpenMW crash

Do not miss the release video by the mighty WeirdSexy.

  • Implemented Melee Combat
  • Implemented Lycanthropy
  • Implemented auto-initialization of AI Packages
  • Implemented Drowning
  • Implemented Data File installation in the Launcher (Mac and Linux only)
  • Implemented mouse wheel transitions between first/third person
  • Improvements to UI window sizing and input
  • Improvements to sliders in the enchanting window
  • Fixed already-dead NPCs not equipping clothing/items
  • Fixed missing terrain in Tamriel Rebuilt, South of Tel Oren
  • Fixed health calculation of NPCs, fixing Heart of Lorkhan acting like a dead body
  • Fixed strange behavior when leaving water
  • Fixed terrain rendering to more accurately emulate vanilla Morrowind
  • Fixed no clip players causing NPCs to leviate
  • Fixed door open/close sound not cutting itself
  • Fixed no clip player preventing doors from opening
  • Fixed keypress during startup freezing the game
  • Fixed combat magic stances being available prematurely during character creation
  • Fixed naked Dark Brotherhood assassins
  • Fixed Rest dialog showing "Until Healed" option when player has full stats
  • Fixed invisible equipped torches
  • Fixed sheath weapon sound playing when leaving magic stance
  • Fixed some boots not producing footstep sounds
  • Fixed FPS bar alignment
  • Fixed printscreen not working
  • Fixed being able to jump while sneaking
  • Fixed blank movie variables in Morrowind.ini crashing the game
  • Fixed dancing girls in "Suran, Desele's House of Earthly Delights" so they dance
  • Fixed repeating idle animations
  • Fixed sticking to certain surfaces, improves movement when swimming close to collidable objects
  • Fixed animation problem while swimming at the surface of water and looking up
  • Fixed capitalization of names in inventory
  • Fixed an issue with the spell effect area layout not updating properly
  • Fixed a Tamriel Rebuilt crash on load
  • Fixed rain sound persisting into new games
  • Various compilation fixes


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