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  • More Spells Slots For Wizzard

    Adds more memorised spell slots for wizards...

  • The Dream

    short backstory:
    You found your self falling asleep and slowly falling to grace and madness, you decide that you should go to sleep , the dreams are calling upon you, will you answer the call of the dreams, will take up the challenge of the observer of nightmares  ??

    module creator's notes:
    NOTE: this is a hack and slash dungeon module that's pretty short, but it has somewhat of an okay challange 

       *Level 20 - 33+ is recommended
       *1 player  - 3 players

        Q: will this work for EE ?
        A: who knows i haven't tried this for EE , mainly since i prefer using the diamond edition

    HINT: need 51 lore for sword at the start or single use spell tome ...

  • Tomb of the evil nasher clones

    Oh No
    some evil dragon has created bunch of angry lord nasher clone, you need to stop that evil dragon before...err eeeebil nasher clones takes over the world........