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  • Missing feats.2da added

    The file feats.2da updated to allow characters to use the whip and get critical, improved critical etc... feats was missing....

  • NWN2 Facelift pack 2022 edition

    Hello again all, it's Xaltar. It's been a while. My last pack uploaded here (NWN2 Facelift Pack) was over a decade ago now. Sadly I ran out of time and motivation to finish it back then. I am back with all new models and textures on the way. I will not be picking up where I left off, this will be new work. I won't promise to do every head in the game like I did last time, I will continue as long as motivation and time permit.

    It will be fun to see how much I can update the look of the character heads in the game now, some 10 years on from my original mod. I am uploading from a new account as I can no longer access my old one and the Nexus is unable to help me without me being able to access the now long dead email address I signed up with. It's a pity as I can prove ownership o...

  • Update to version 2.0

    The first major update to the campaign is being prepared.
    We have compiled a sizeable list of things to fix and add to Umbral Abyss for the first update (2.0). Work is underway on
    implementing these and we expect to release the updated version sometime
    in the week commencing 17th January.
    If you know of any issues which you have not seen reported already, now is the time to share them!
    A full list of the changes will be released soon. Thank you for all the support and feedback.


  • The MERP UK blog

    You can follow our work more closely from our blog page!

  • Announcing Black Scourge of Candle Cove patch 1.3, and new full package uploaded

    I've released patch version 1.3 for The Black Scourge of Candle Cove, and the accumulated patches are now significant enough to warrant a new file with the full package, all patches included.  However, I've also uploaded a file with just the changes, for anyone who already has version 1.0 whether patched or not, and would rather not download the whole thing again.  Patch 1.3 is cumulative, containing all fixes thus far.  You do not need previous patches.

    You do not need to reinstall or restart the module if you are installing the patch, nor do you need to restart the module if you're installing the full package.  All changes will take effect in a game in progress.

    Changes in version 1.3
    This is a substantial patch, fixing numerous reported is...

  • Patch Notes (v1.31)

    PATCH 4 (07/15/14)

    IMPORTANT: You may need to start a new game for all the changes to take effect.

    * Added SoZ clock to the GUI

    * Fixed issue causing crash when selecting to play as Dragon or Fey character races (Known Issue: Descriptions for both races are not displayed)

    * Updated item icon of Melicamp the Pig to be an actual pig
    * Fixed Firewine Ruins door reference which was causing some players to not be able to use the door
    * Fixed Oberan Estate door that was non-functioning
    * Set Bill to "plot" to prevent him from accidentally being killed
    * Quenash will now allow you to speak with her regarding a quest
    * Gurke will now recognize when you ha...

  • Patch Notes (v1.3)

    PATCH 3 (05/29/14)

    IMPORTANT: You may need to start a new game for all the changes to take effect. It is strongly recommended that you remove the previous install of BGR if upgrading to version 1.3.

    * Fixed a number and variety of issues with the date/time, such as quest timers
    * Fixed several NPCs constantly interjecting dialogue without anything to say
    * Fixed several issues with the journal not being updated or granting XP upon quest completion
    * Fixed several issues with NPCs not levelling properly
    * Most NPCs can now be found in taverns across the region once dismissed or rejected
    * Resting no longer affects attributes, but saving throws and movement speed instead
    * Latest version of Kaedrin's PrC pack...

  • Patch Notes (v1.2)

    PATCH 2 (09/10/13)

    IMPORTANT: You may need to start a new game for all the changes to take effect.

    * Increased Viconia's Wisdom from 5 to 15

    * Hidden items can all now be found properly
    * Companions now state when they've found a hidden item
    * Fixed issue where Brun did not recognize his son's body in the player's inventory
    * Fixed issue with several areas displaying incorrect NPC speak strings
    * Korax is now removed from the party if attempting to exit Mutamin's Garden
    * Corrected Feldpost Inn name
    * Corrected several Beregost houses names
    * Answering Brage's riddle correctly now grants Sword of Berserking and other rewards
    * Gurke's quest ...

  • Patch Notes (v1.1)

    PATCH 1 (07/24/13)

    IMPORTANT: You may need to start a new game for all the changes to take effect.

    * Added hidden items from the original game
    * Created Diseased Gibberling
    * Added additional feedback for when a weapon breaks to make it more noticeable
    * Added Heal Kits to all temples
    * Ghoul in Mutamin's Garden can now be controlled by the player
    * Viconia's appearance updated
    * Added Boo to Minsc's shoulder

    * Prevented Imoen from stopping Gorion or the player during a cutscene in the Prologue
    * Unequipping Boots of Avoidance no longer permanently lowers the character's AC by 5 each time
    * Imoen no longer loses inventory upon resurrection

  • FAQ


    Q: What is Baldur’s Gate: Reloaded?
    A: Baldur’s Gate: Reloaded is a fan-made tribute to and complete remake of Baldur’s Gate (1998) and Tales of the Sword Coast for Neverwinter Nights 2, originally developed by Bioware and published by Interplay.

    Q: Do I need Neverwinter Nights 2 to play it?
    A: Yes, as well as both expansions: Mask of the Betrayer and Storm of Zehir.

    Q: Does it contain every quest from the original game?
    A: It does! It also includes Tales of the Sword Coast.

    Q: What languages does Baldur’s Gate: Reloaded support?
    A: Currently, Baldur’s Gate: Reloaded only supports English as we didn’t really have the resources to release it on other languages. If you would like to rel...

  • NWN Podcast

    Check out the authors’ interview on NWN Podcast.

  • New release for Tchos' HD UI panels and dialogue

    Version 1.3 is now available, which adds two additional enlarged interface panels to the mix, as well as improving the layout of the portrait picker screen, and most importantly fixing a bug that was brought to my attention.

    Full change log:

    Added new large version of the SoZ party creation screen.
    Added new large version of the tutorial popup box. (I use this box for DM narration text in my own module.)
    Fixed gaps between object and frame in the target_object and target_enemy files.
    Edited store.xml "showpartial" attribute to fix a bug that could prevent the last item in the list from appearing. (Thanks to kevL for identifying this!)
    Edited the portrait picker screen to get the frames properly lined up around t...