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    Staff Picks - 22 Feb 17

    posted by BlindJudge Feature
    This week in the Staff Picks, SirSalami and Terrorfox1234 gain a psychic link and both choose a camera configuration mod that allows easier switching and modification of camera angle, I choose a mod that will allow me to spend far too much of my time looking at my Pip-Boy and our guest submission by gonzalo99 sees him warping around Cyrodiil.

    We love to hear your selections, so if you have a mod you would like to submit to the community (not your own), please check out this new and handy form. Please fill out the form completely and ensure that you add some details about the mod and why you have chosen it (similar to how we have below). Just remember that other mods on the site may do roughly the same thing, so keep your eyes peeled and understand that these are just our personal picks. That said, hopefully, you'll find something you may not have seen before. Who knows, maybe we'll even learn a little about each other along the way.


    Mod: In-game Third Person Camera Config
    Mod: State-based Automatic Camera Switching
    Game: Fallout 4
    Author: MrSaitama

    Today, I've got two complimentary mods that can work together to create a much more convenient and customized experience in regards to Fallout 4's camera system.

    By default, customizing the third-person camera settings can be a bit of a pain. Editing config files and reloading the game is quite clumsy, especially when trying to fine tune the perfect positions for your playstyle. Luckily though, with In-game Third Person Camera Config, a handy holotape is added to your inventory that will allow you to change your in-game camera settings virtually instantly. Personally, I prefer a somewhat traditional over-the-shoulder camera when a gun is drawn, easing to a centered camera when exploring or using a melee weapon.

    MrSaitama's other mod I've been using is State-based Automatic Camera Switching. It provides options that will automatically switch camera styles (first to third person and vice versa) based on your characters actions, like sprinting or drawing a weapon. It's a god-send for us gamepad enthusiasts, but I imagine many might find this mod useful regardless of control style. These settings are all configured using the included holotape, utilizing the settings you chose with the previously mentioned mod if you decide to use it. I choose to switch to first-person when any weapons are drawn while defaulting to third when they're holstered.

    Both are great 'quality of life' mods that will likely remain in my load-order for the foreseeable future. Thanks MrSaitama!


    Mod: Immersive First Person Mode
    Game: Dragon Age: Inquisition
    Author: Wavebend

    Wavebend has been on a roll lately with Dragon Age: Inquisition, working on things like adding sprinting to single player, an infinite zoom mod that provides for some gorgeous views, and this mod.

    Immersive First Person Mode allows you to play Dragon Age: Inquisition from the first person perspective, as the title suggests. While it’s still got some bugs to work out, it already looks phenomenal. I especially like to use it when back at home base just mulling around and talking with people. I know the word “immersion” is overused but this is one of those mods that really does help me become more immersed in the game.

    Plans for the mod include making the body mesh visible while in first-person and adding a toggle hotkey. I’ll definitely be tracking Wavebend’s mods going forward as I can’t wait to see them polished up.


    Mod: Rename Anything
    Game: Fallout 4
    Author: registrator2000

    I have a 'thing' about organisation. Every single one of my files on my PC has to be in the right folder with the right name; T-shirts have to be on the same style hanger in colour ascending order! OCD? Maybe... but the point I'm trying to make is that I like control. I like to be able to have everything just so. So when I saw that registrator2000 had created a mod to rename your items within FO4, I buckled at the knees.

    Thanks to this mod I can now have items listed correctly, or add statistical data to the Power Armour that I own; or embolden my favourite weapons - the choice has now been given back to me, and I love it. The way I have used it is to create sets of armour or clothing that I like to use together, create weapon sets for distance and close range, energy and ballistic. It's such a simple solution and something I think that should have been in the vanilla game.

    (Guest submission)gonzalo99

    Mod: The Ayleid Steps
    Game: Oblivion
    Author: Ervvin

    This mod adds a whole teleportation network to the game. There are hundreds of "steps" (small platforms around the world and ayleid ruins) that teleport you using welkynd crystals. The mod also adds a really good questline (involving the activation of the network AND the consequences of it) and +30 dungeons that are all worth exploring, including an amazing 30 degree tilted one.

    Besides the great questline, it also makes the whole moving around really different, especially once you start to realize how the system works. It also adds the whole exploration aspect of finding all the included dungeons, since some are only accessible via a specific step.

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