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Added: 24/08/2014 - 05:24PM
Updated: 26/09/2017 - 01:04PM

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Last updated at 13:04, 26 Sep 2017 Uploaded at 17:24, 24 Aug 2014

This is a set of 185 new tile variants that expand upon the existing standard tile sets that come with the commercial Neverwinter Nights 2 game. The variants include stairways, door, wall, and floor variants that provide more variety and flexibility for your modules. The tile sets that are expanded upon are: Standard Interior, Standard Castle, Standard Mine, Estate, and Sunken Ruins.

Selected tiles from two other mods have been included solely to avoid variant numbering conflicts: 'Entrances' by Kalister68 and 'RWS Pocket Castle' by Robinson Workshop. This set includes two new metatiles and it incorporates the complete diagonal metatiles set.

If you run into any issues with these tiles, please let me know and I'll do an update. Thanks.

Toolset Installation

In your My Documents folder:

  • Copy the standard_tiles.hak file to the Neverwinter Nights 2\hak folder
  • Copy both 2da files to the Neverwinter Nights 2\override folder

In the toolset:

  • Open your module
  • In the View menu, select Module Properties
  • In the Module Properties panel, select the Hak Paks property and click on the ellipsis '...'
  • Click Add and select the Value
  • Click in the File field and select the ellipsis '...'
  • Navigate to the hak file installed above and open it.
  • Click Okay

The added tiles and metatiles should now be available.


  • 1.1.7:¬†Fixed more texture swaps for the Standard Interior and Standard Castle sets, corrected some tile walk meshes, and added a few new variants.
  • 1.1.4: Fixed the texture swap on these Standard Castle tiles: TL_SC_SPU1_03, TL_SC_HHHH_04, TL_SC_DDXX_07, TL_SC_DDXX_10, TL_SC_DDWX_03, TL_SC_DDWX_04, TL_SC_DDXW_03, TL_SC_DDXW_04, TL_SC_DDDD_03, and TL_SC_DDDD_04.
  • 1.1.3 -- Added 3 Standard Interior, 35 Standard Castle, 1 Estate, and 7 Sunken Ruins tile variants. The metatile.2da rows for 451-453 have been moved down to 471-473 to avoid a conflict with the Sea Caves tileset.
  • 1.1.2 -- Added 21 cave tile variants and a castle metatile.
  • 1.1.1 -- Fixed the normal map on the 2_Walls_(1door)_1_Corner #2 tile variant for the Standard Mine tileset (TL_SM_DDXW_02). Thanks to Nagual for identifying the issue!
  • 1.1 -- Added circular room metatiles for the Castle and Estate tilesets.
  • 1.0 -- Initial release.