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This module-builder resource provides a set of NWN2 placed effects that can be positioned as decals, providing damaged or dilapidated appearances to building sides and flat interior walls. They can simulate older structures that have undergone various wear and tear, and can be helpful for simulating slums and abandoned buildings. Among the set are stains, mold growths, plaster damage, patched areas, and patches of dirt and debris.

There are separate sets for wall and floor decals. Two types of visual effects are used:

  • Billboards -- these provide full 8-bit alpha transparency and so blend more smoothly into the surrounding surface. However, billboards can not be rotated.
  • Textured models -- these only allow single bit alpha transparency, so they are more useful for regions with sharp boundaries. But the models will rotate and they have normal maps, meaning that they show a more realistic surface bumpiness.

The wall decals are mostly useful for walls with plain, flat sides, such as standard interior tiles. Placing the wall effects will require some careful adjustment and nudging of the positions and orientations. After moving one of the rotatable wall effects into place next to a wall, it may require some fine adjustment to make sure it is lined up correctly. (If one of the normally-irregular edges appears straight, then it is probably partly hidden by the wall and needs to be rotated.)

The release includes a hak file and an erf with a set of blueprints. To make them available in your toolset, copy the hak file to your 'My Documents/Neverwinter Nights 2/hak' folder, then add it to the Module's 'Hak Packs' properties. Importing the erf file will add the set under the Placed Effects blueprints.

I'd like to send my appreciation to the knowledgeable folk on the Bioware NWN2 forums who continue to provide helpful suggestions and feedback. Thanks guys!