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A notorious sea hag pirate has been terrorising Candle Cove with her crew of ogres, plundering ships and sending innocents to a watery grave. Now she's seized control of the lighthouse, and no ships can come or go! You & your party of adventurers have just come into town. Can you do what it takes to defeat the pirates and free Candle Cove?

Permissions and credits
The Black Scourge of Candle Cove
by Tchos
An adventure module for characters around level 10

Version 1.4 -- See end of document for important update notes.

A notorious sea hag pirate has been terrorising the port town of Candle Cove with her crew of ogres, plundering ships and sending men, women, and children to a watery grave. Now she's gone even further, and seized control of the local lighthouse, preventing any ships from coming or going at all!

You and your party of adventurers have just come into town. Can you do what it takes to defeat the pirates and free Candle Cove?

This campaign is for a party of up to 5 members (or 6 if you have the Leadership feat), and features a range of recruitable companions of seven different classes around town, in addition to allowing you to import or create your own party. SoZ party chat will allow your own created party members to chip in their unique perspectives in conversations, as well as the recruitable companions' unique dialogue. Play whatever class you like as your main character, and build a well-balanced party to deal with a variety of situations, both in combat and in social situations.

Characters should be around level 10 to play this module. You can import a character of an appropriate range, or select options within the starting area to level a new character within a range of easier or harder levels, with a level-appropriate amount of gold to use to purchase equipment from the well-stocked vendors around town.

Go diving! Sailing! Sandbox questing in town and around it! And when you're strong enough, face the larger challenges! Have fun, and play it as you like.

Also, for some Halloween-themed quests, install the Halloween expansion!



The campaign is packaged with its folders all ready to go. Extract them exactly as they are into your user folder, which may be something like:
C:\Users\[Your Account]\Documents\Neverwinter Nights 2\

Do not change the directory structure or move the files out their folders.


General tips and suggestions:

Side quests and companions are located around town. Most side quests are in shops. Most of what you need to know, aside from what's in this document, should be explained in-game in the starting area. Be sure to read the intro book -- you cannot return to the starting area once you've left!

There are no auto-saves. I recommend saving before area transitions if you're embarking on a quest that you expect may include some danger.

Everything that can be interacted with or examined has a description. For instance, click on shop signs to get a description of an establishment before entering it. Everything that can be "used" should do something. If you find something that can be used but doesn't do anything, let me know. Likewise, if you find anything that can be examined but claims that it's nothing special, let me know.

This is a text-heavy game, and I think it looks best when using my UI mod. I recommend installing that mod for this module if you don't have it, if only temporarily. Otherwise, I've included a minimal "light" version of 4 elements from the UI mod, to just increase the size of both versions of the dialogue window, the DM text window, and the party generation window. If you would rather not use these, then delete the folder named "UI" in the campaign folder. I recommend at least keeping the files "messageboxreport.xml" and "TutBoxBG.tga", for the DM text.

I used a lot of music and sound effects to try to set a mood. I recommend keeping your music and sounds on.

UI Mod:

I also recommend the use of Xaltar's Facelift Pack, which I had in mind when designing some of these characters.

In town and in many interiors, I recommend keeping the camera zoomed in fairly close to your characters, or it may be hard to see sometimes. I also use Kaldor Silverwand's context menu additions, which adds the ability to turn the PC transparent, so you can zoom in as far as you want without your PC getting in the way of what you're trying to see (similar to a first person camera). In other areas, far overhead view in exploration mode works well, but you may not be able to hear the placed sounds.



Q: Why are the quest rewards and XP rewards so low if it's for a level 10 party?

A: I take into account the XP and rewards you obtain over the course of the quest. The gold and XP you get for turning in a quest is *in addition* to the gold and XP you get while you're out in the field. It's the cherry on top, not the sundae itself. That said, there is at least one quest whose reward is low simply because it's an easy, no-risk task, whose purpose is simply to introduce a game mechanic. It's also optional, but if you don't accept it, you won't be able to get a special bounty reward later, even if you obtain the bounty items. You can always accept the quest after the fact, though.

Q: How is alignment handled in this module?

A: Here, alignment represents a character's fundamental nature. There are no shifts of alignment for dialogue choices or actions. Dialogue is in the style of Storm of Zehir party chat -- different dialogue options are given to different characters depending on which of your party members you choose as your speaker at any given time, and that includes alignment-specific lines.

Q: What is the recommended level, class, race, etc.?

A: The median level is 10. I balanced the encounters so that I personally could complete the module on the hardest difficulty setting, with a 5-member party of level 10 characters. For more of a challenge, I recommend using fewer characters in your party, and/or using lower level characters in your party. For less of a challenge, I recommend importing a higher level character, or a full party of higher level characters, or recruiting a 6th companion using the Leadership feat, and/or setting the difficulty level lower.

Q: How is the party handled?

A: Both systems are implemented. At the beginning of the module, you are given the opportunity to create or import your main character, and up to four additional party members (or five if you have the Leadership feat). You can further modify this party at either of the inns in town.

Additionally, there are NPCs around town who can be recruited to join your party as full party members. They have their own special dialogue options in conversations, and they're a mix of classes that should complement each other well. They're all level 10.

Recruitable companions' classes and locations:

Druid: In the Outdoorsman's Trading Post
Fighter: In Bolovar's Battlegear and Metalworks
Barbarian: Working at the docks
Cleric: Outside the Temple of Valkur
Wizard: In the Bare Gypsy Inn
Rogue: In the Drunken Dragon Taproom
Bard: In the Drunken Dragon Taproom

Q: How is death handled?

A: I implement the SoZ death system, which veterans of Baldur's Gate or Icewind Dale should find familiar. Party members who drop below 0 HP will fall down and begin dying. Their hit points will fall below 0, and if they're not healed (partially will suffice) before they reach the negative of their total HP, then they will die.

Dead characters will remain dead until they are raised from the dead, either with a scroll, or by a divine caster in the party, or by obtaining the services of a local temple. Using the temple will cost money, but I recommend doing it at least once to see what it's like. I did it for lore and flavour reasons, based on the descriptions and costs outlined in the manuals. Additionally, if you use the temple, all dead party members will be raised for a single fee. Same with temple restoration.

Q: How about resting?

A: I use the Mask of the Betrayer resting system, which again is akin to Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale. You can rest safely at inns, and you can camp outside of town, but you can't sleep in the town streets. Resting at an inn costs a nominal fee, and is guaranteed safe. Camping outside or in a dungeon has various levels of risk, depending on the area and the time of day. You will be advised on how dangerous the place looks, and there will be a chance of being awakened by wandering monsters, interrupting your rest.

Q: What kind of crafting is there?

A: I use the OC's crafting system. There are workbenches at appropriate shops around town that you can use, and the relevant shopkeepers sell crafting supplies. Check the bardic goods shop, the apothecary, and the smith for benches.

Q: Do you offer appropriate gear for my class?

A: I've created shops that carry gear for every class I could think of, and a wide range of weapon types. Candle Cove is a thriving port town, so the shops are well-stocked with exotic and unusual goods. There's a lot of fabulous gear that can be purchased, but it's appropriately expensive, and you'll also need money for certain parts of the main quest, so don't spend everything you have. Mundane gear is also available. You won't be able to buy everything you want in this module, assuming you use characters with the expected wealth for level 10. You should *not* be able to afford to equip all of your characters with the high-level items. Instead, use the shops to exchange any quest rewards that don't quite fit your character's play style with more appropriate ones.

Keep in mind that the module is balanced with the standard D&D character wealth estimation as a guide. A character is expected to have a total worth of about 49,000 gold in gear and cash at level 10, so if you have more than that from any prior modules with extravagant rewards, I recommend exercising restraint in your purchases, unless you want to make the game extremely easy.


Fishing is used in a couple of quests. The fishing trainer will buy fish you catch, as well as suggest other parties who may be interested in certain kinds of fish. It is recommended to use your party member with the highest survival skill to fish. Characters with low or no survival will find their fish getting away much more often, while experienced survivalists can catch something on almost every cast.

Journal entries are essentially cumulative. I've made an effort for each entry to not only contain the highlights of information you've learned at a particular quest stage, but also a summary of previous stages. This is the way I think journals should be done. If you happen to put the game aside for some time, and come back to it later, you won't have to wrack your brain to try to remember what was going on in a particular quest, or some crucial information that was given in the first journal entry, but left out of a later one.

Flavour purchases
Some things can be purchased that have no effect on gameplay, or can be accomplished for free in other ways, but are provided for roleplaying reasons. For instance, you can purchase meals in taverns and inns, for a token amount of 1 gp. Meals should actually cost less than that (anywhere from 2 cp to 4 sp), but since the lowest unit of currency in NWN2 is 1 gp, all meals cost that amount. You are not given an inventory item in this case, but get appropriate descriptions, and in certain cases, an illustrative scene.

Quest indicators
I created a system to indicate which NPCs offer quests, using a de facto standard iconography. A gold exclamation point indicates that an NPC has a quest for you. A silver question mark indicates that the NPC is waiting for you to complete the quest objective(s), and a gold question mark indicates that the NPC is ready to reward you for completing the quest.

Other single-player games that use these symbols (or minor variations thereof) include Dragon Age: Origins, Divinity 2: The Dragon Knight Saga, Drakensang: The Dark Eye, Dungeon Siege 3, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, Sacred 1 & 2, Torchlight, and Space Trader: Merchant Marine.

If you would rather not have these indicators in the game, you can disable them by going into the campaign folder, find the "Quest system" folder, and delete three files: tch_quest_offer.sef, tch_quest_requirement.sef, and tch_quest_turnin.sef. Do not delete the whole folder, as there are important scripts for other purposes in there.


Important update notes:
You do not need to reinstall or restart the module if you are installing the patch, nor do you need to restart the module if you're installing the full package.  All changes will take effect in a game in progress, whether by patch or full package.

Changes in version 1.4
  • The apothecary now also deals in gems to augment her crafting supplies.  Her gem selection changes over time, so if she doesn't have what you need on one visit, try again later.
  • A mortar and pestle has been added to the inventory of the Alchemist's Workbench at the side of the apothecary's shop (not the one behind the counter).
  • Included Kaedrin's fix for disarmed weapons disappearing.  Disarmed weapons should now be instantly picked up by the disarmed character, but you will have to re-equip them.
  • Added the missing description to the planar rift.
  • Fixed a couple of items and their properties.
  • Adjusted/expanded a couple of conversations.
  • Expanded the door script to work across modules.
  • Corrected a potential problem with the waitress script.
  • Added support for the Halloween expansion (Candle Cove module 2) -- must be downloaded and installed separately.

Changes in version 1.3b
The "Oops" or "Anti-drowning" patch.  This patch fixes a bug introduced when I fixed a related bug in v1.3.  The party had been receiving extra copies of the diving equipment because the script to do so was in two places -- the transition and the area's On Client Enter script.  I removed the latter to fix that bug.  However, the transition *back* to that area from the other side depended on the one I removed, so I needed to add it to the transition from the other side.

If you have version 1.3a, this is the only patch you need.  If you have any previous version, then first install patch 1.3, then install this one.

Changes in version 1.3

This is a substantial patch, fixing numerous reported issues and adding some little extra things.

  • Fixed beginning door being destroyable.
  • Fixed smith opening leather shop.
  • Added line to remove party effects before entering the oversea map, to prevent Enlarge Person from causing unwanted effects.
  • Reduced weight of diving gear to prevent encumbrance.
  • Fixed extra diving gear bug on salvage dive.
  • Mostly fixed wardrobe malfunction in cave.
  • Ensured lighthouse keepers don't remain on the island when the dialogue says they've returned to mainland.
  • Edited captive conversation to remove unwanted conditions.
  • Ensured player would not encounter non-hostile boss before intended.
  • Edited rift conversation to make sure fade-to-black doesn't cover up dialogue box.
  • Added wastebaskets in most shops and a couple of places outside.
  • Reduced essence drop rate on elementals to make it easier to find the boss' loot quickly.
  • Added special loot to Bosun Fiercejaw.
  • Removed a couple of barricades that were interfering with battle tactics.
  • Changed method of checking whether an area is safe to leave a companion in.


  • For the diving transitions (both entering and exiting the water), try not to skip through the dialogue too quickly.  Give it at least two seconds before hitting "continue".
  • If you find a phantom piece of gear in your inventory that doesn't act normally, move another inventory item on top of it, and it should disappear.

Changes in version 1.2:

  • Added missing conditions on two dialogue nodes with the mayor, whose absence was causing the main quest to be able to be advanced beyond the intended stage.

Changes in version 1.1:

  • Changed a certain daze effect to a temporary duration, and allowed it to wear off with resting.  This affects only characters who are not currently dazed.
  • Modified two lines of dialogue to take into account item use restrictions.
  • Added feedback to the Hearthstone of Divine Recall to indicate whether it is attuned or not.
  • Edited a certain perception script so that any member of the party will trigger it.

If you need to contact me, try a private message on either the Bioware forums or Nexus Mods, where my user name is Tchos, or post a comment on my blog at http://tchosgames.blogspot.com.