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This is a Hakpak containing everything the aspiring builder needs. It is a combination of many different works, whose authors are credited in the Readme, all merged into one fully functioning Hakpak. The 2DAs have already been created, along with all the blueprints, and the entire pack has been tested and is working.

Step-by-step instructions for how to get the pack working are inside the Readme.

Here are all the individual packs that have been put into this:
  • Baron's Adobe Pack
  • Skullhak (though this is itself a pack)
  • EVERYTHING by RWS (Seriously, they made a whole ton of stuff)
  • Sewers by Tupoun
  • Amraphael's Placeables Pack #1
  • RDS Paintings Pack (William Blake)
  • Tapestry Pack 01
  • NWN2 Rug Pack 01
  • Trinity Custom Placeables Pack[*] Sigil Exterior[*] Banners[*] Nag's Placeables[*] Kalister68's Lights Pack[*] Kalister68's Mushrooms Pack[*] Kalister68's Lab Jars[*] Probably other stuff I can't remember
Anything not credited here or in the Readme is because I have no idea who to credit it to. The Vault appears to have been taken down, so some packs have unknown original authors. If anyone's work is in this pack and they haven't been credited, feel free to contact me and I'll update it.Have fun Building! :)EDIT: Since the previous version had a strange Texture bug where placeables weren't showing their textures in-game, I've remade the pack into version 1.1 - This fixes the bug, and everything should be working now.If anyone has any more problems, please message me about it.