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A selection of new creatures created by retexturing existing creature models

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These reskinned creature models don't require any 2DA edits to use. They use alternate body models (usually cloth armour 1) of existing creatures. Each ZIP file includes an ERF containing a creature blueprint that is set to use that alternate body model.

Unzip their contents and place the files in the override folder, a campaign folder, or into a HAK pack. Import their blueprints into the toolset from the ERF file.

Creature List:

- Bear (tintable - cloth armour 1)
- Bodak (shadow/nightwalker cloth armour 1)
- Bonebat (bat cloth armour 1)
- Domestic pig (tintable replacement model)
- Flesh golem (faithless golem cloth armour 1 - *requires Mask of the Betrayer*)
- Gorilla (uthraki cloth armour 1 - *requires Mask of the Betrayer*)
- Giant Cockroach (clockroach cloth armour 1 - *requires Storm of Zehir*)
- Hyena (hell hound cloth armour 1)
- Razor Boar (dire boar cloth armour 1)
- Skeleton missing tint texture (for cloth armour 2)
- Werefox (werewolf cloth armour 1 & head 2)
- Wolf (replacement tint map) - allows better tinting of the wolf model to make dogs, coyotes, etc.

The tintable bear download includes an override version of the creature blueprint used for the druid black bear wildshape (c_blackbear.utc). If both the tintable model and the UTC file are in the override folder, the druid black bear wildshape will show up with the correct tint colours in the game.

The cloth 2 appearance type for skeletons (ragged clothing) is missing its tint texture in the game, causing letters from the words 'missing texture' to show up on the back of the model when it is used. A replacement texture is now included here (c_skel_cl_body02_t.tga).

Other reskinned models elsewhere on the Nexus site:

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