The Dungeon by Kalister
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"The Dungeon" is a complete classic dungeon tileset, inspired by the fabulous game "Legend of Grimrock" developed by Almost Human.
This tileset contains 42 tiles with numerous variants, 2 metatiles, several placeables objects and a custom door.

Installation instructions :

In the zip folder, you'll find several files.
- Copy the "hak_dungeon.hak" file in My Documents/Neverwinter Nights 2/hak folder. Don't forget to associate it with your module in the toolset.
- Copy the 2da files in My Documents/Neverwinter Nights 2/override folder.
- In the toolset, import the "erf_dungeon.erf" file to find the placeables and the door blueprints.

You can now find the tiles, the placeables and the door in the toolset under the "Dungeon" entry.

Special thanks to the members of the bioware nwn2 forum community for their help, suggestions and support during the development of this project !

Update 1.1 : fixed an issue with the row numbers in the tiles.2da file.