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Light At Journey`s End is the final chapter of the Nihil Trilogy, and takes place after the events of the second part, `Chains of Misfortune`. The module`s highlights are its custom area design. It also has several scripted boss fights. Lastly, and the pride of this trilogy, is its unique story and its shocking revelation.

Permissions and credits
Nihil Trilogy III: Light At Journey's End
Part 3 of 3
Final Version [002]

Nihil Trilogy:

(1)Awakening-(Released Fall 2010)
(2)Chains of Misfortune-(Released Winter 2012)
(3)Light at Journey's End-(Released Summer 2014)


This mod is based on the concept of 'Nihilism', which is a philosophical doctrine suggesting the annihilation of the self, or the individual consciousness.

Module Summary:

Light At Journey's End is the final chapter of the Nihil Trilogy, and takes place after the events of the second part, 'Chains of Misfortune'. The module highlights are its custom area design, some of which has never before been seen in Neverwinter Nights 2 and any other mods to date. It also has several scripted boss fights, some reminiscent of Zelda and other action games. Lastly, and the pride of this trilogy, is its unique story and its shocking revelation.

Story Summary:

You wake up in a dream world, where all your wants are provided for, but you are discontent and want to explore, but underneath an old evil stirs. Many challenges await you in this final chapter as you discover the true purpose of the Aspers.

Youtube Video Walkthrough (Boss Battles, sorry I used a new free video recorder program, so no sound and a banner):

Exporting from Chains of Misfortune to Light At Journeys End:

This was brought up via email correspondence, but due to a bug in the original Neverwinter Nights 2 scripts for exporting characters you must manually export your character using the main menu. There is nothing I can do to fix this issue as it is pre-built directly into Neverwinter Nights 2 game itself. After that note that due to original time constraints I was not able to do multiple story paths to handle all the options in the Chains of Misfortune module, sorry for any confusion.


You can play your own role, that of another, or mix them up, all is open to an Asper. Though it takes place in it's own world, it can be incorporated into most other medieval fantasy settings, which allows about anybody's character to fit in.

Mythological References:

As with the first part, there are many ambiguous references, both direct and indirect, to the Mythology of Greek/Roman, Norse, Britain, Judo-Christian and others, with focus on the former in this mod. There are also references to Poe, Lovecraft, and even Sigmund Freud. A bit of edutainment for you, so see if you can uncover them.


Custom Areas
- I've taken area design to new and improved heights, some of which, have never before seen in any Neverwinter Night 2 mod to date.


Scripted Bosses
- there are five to six custom scripted bosses that will take your breath away, and literally if you are not careful.


(Though not part of the main storyline, there are multiple mini-games scattered throughout the last two-thirds of the module)

-Mindscape - Abyssal Memory Game
-Midas Bank Key Game
-Innocence Minigames (hot/cold, memory-matching, thrust/parry/slash, etc)
-Library Quiz Game

Echo Remnants:

A new currency system was added to this module alongside the original gold system. You can trade Echo Remnants for multiple bonuses in this module:

-Rebuilding Synapses
-Weapon/Armor upgrades
-Fabrication of gold
-Upgrades to Your Animal Keepsake from previous module.

Level Requirement:

Note that the first area of this module checks if you're level 9 and above, if you're not it will give you the necessary amount of experience to get to that level, but note that Races with ECLs of +1 or greater will start at lower levels.

Installation: (Note This Mod Uses A Campaign)

Step 1:
Use 7zip(Link) or Winrar(Link) or other extractor to extract the 'Final_001_Nihil_Trilogy_3_Light_At_Journey_End_001' Folder from the 'zip' file. If anyone has any problems, let me know.

Step 2:
Open the Extracted Folder


Copy and Paste the following files inside the 'files' folder:

Step 3:
Copy: CampaignsNihil Trilogy III--Light at Journeys End
Paste Into: C:UserslukeDocumentsNeverwinter Nights 2Campaigns

Step 4:
Copy: haknihilhaks_part3.hak
Paste Into: C:UserslukeDocumentsNeverwinter Nights 2haks

Step 5:
Copy: Nihil3_Chapter1of3, Nihil3_Chapter2of3, Nihil3_Chapter3of3
Paste All Into: C:UserslukeDocumentsNeverwinter Nights 2modules

Step 6:
Copy: musicmus_nihilmb.bmu
Paste Into: C:UserslukeDocumentsNeverwinter Nights 2music

Step 7:
Copy: uicustomdig_button
Paste Into: C:UserslukeDocumentsNeverwinter Nights 2uicustom

Step 8:
Enjoy the game!

Please Email Any Questions or Bugs or Glitches or Spelling/Grammar Issues or Other Mis-sights to:

[email protected]

*Comments are Appreciated:

Feel free to post your experiences with the mod on this thread of NWVault. Thanks.

Nihil Trilogy Website:

<a href=''>Link</a>


[Spoiler Warning] Secret Ending:

First, you finish the Abyssal Memory Game in the Mindscape, then go to the crypts to open the secret door, and then proceed to the end of the game. Enjoy!

NW-Vault Content Citations:
(I don't usually use haks from others due to conflicts, but I made particular note to include these in my nihilhak.hak file)

- BCK II by Nytir
- RWS Pocket Cathedrals by RWS
- Giant Boss Health Bar by Fred

(My thanks to all the modders out there whose ideas and suggestions over the years have helped to make this mod a success.)

Alpha/Beta Tester Commendations:

- darkness947
- MasterWaerloga
- jroed
- Elrith Galadon


Version 002 

- Repaired a critical bug that prevented Abdul from talking with you in the mindscape theatre rafters, and thus previously prevented the Cthulhu battle.
- Minor visual changes
- Minor conversation spelling/grammar repairs

- Secret Boss Cthulhu 
- buy backpass in mindscape, from mind-statue, any time after you arrive at the ship graveyard.  
- Was warned of possible problems if player sets difficulty too high in options, though not verified.  
- Cakewalk Game  
- The Dead Must Be Buried  
- Riddle Game - Crypts  
- Guess our Name 
- Whirlpool  
- Rat-Catcher 3000 Game  
- Mimir's Fortune-Telling  
- Stop the Graverobbing Quest  
- Use E.R. to remove obstacles  
- Reworked some of the bosses  
- Some minor bugs repaired  
- Fixed +5 bug on equipment  
- Minor work on conversations  
- Minor visual changes  
- Brought back a part of the Asper Change System, though can't do much more with restrictions in Neverwinter Nights 2.