Swooping Wyverns by Dann Pigdon
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Wyverns can be made to swoop down out of the sky using a model effect (fx_wyvern.sef) and a spell entry in spells.2DA. The wyvern flying effect is used as the spell projectile, with the spell impact script creating the hostile wyvern when it lands.

To install the HAK version:

Place the HAK file into the 'HAK' folder under 'Documents & Settings'
Place the MOD file into the 'Modules' folder under 'Documents & Settings'
There is a test module called 'wyvern_swoop' that can be run in-game
To add the scripts to your own module, import the ERF file in the toolset

To install the override version:

Place spells.2DA in your override or campaign folder, or merge line 1301 into your own 2DA.
Place the fx_wyvern.SEF in your override or campaign folder
Import the ERF containing the scripts into your module
If you change the line number of the spell entry in spells.2DA, make sure to change the SpellID variable in the wyvern trigger script

The version of spells.2DA included is compatible with Storm of Zehir. If you tint your wyvern blueprint, then you'll also need to tint the effect using the 'Effects Editor' in the toolset.