Neverwinter Nights 2
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Kaldor Silverwand aka Brendan Bellina

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A set of unofficial enhancements to Baldur's Gate Reloaded. These are not supported by the BGR Team.

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Description of Enhancements:

UI enhancements:
1. Adds the Party Editor menu option to the Baldur's Gate Reloaded player menu. This will allow management of player created characters, as was an original feature of Baldur's Gate. The party editor will allows 6 player created party members (5 in addition to the main PC).
2. The clock is added to version 1.2 and 1.3 of BGR.
3. Standard companions now can be multi-classed at level up through the standard UI. This was implemented in BGR only through conversations.
4. There is a retire option added to the player menu which plays the BG end game death movie and ends the game.

Death system enhancements:
1. The game no longer ends automatically when the main PC dies. This eliminates the need to completely protect the main PC during battle. Note that the game conversations and scripts assume the main PC is alive at all times, so leaving him/her dead for an extended period is not recommended and could introduce game-breaking bugs. You will need to use a coin of life to resurrect him/her.
2. Coins of life can be purchased at the Friendly Arm temple (for certain) and 75% chance at other stores throughout the game. These can be used to resurrect party members. They are required to resurrect the main PC. It is cheaper to resurrect standard party companions using the temple conversations.
3. When a party member dies up to 142 of his items will be dropped into a nearby named loot bag (exp. "Imoen's Gear"). The loot bag will self-destroy when emptied. This is similar to the feature of original BG that caused belongings to be dropped when party members were killed. If the party member has more than 142 items then another loot bag should be dropped after a few seconds.

Rechargeable wands (optional)
The wands in original BG could be recharged by selling them in stores and then buying them back, but this does not work in BGR. Install the optional Rechargeable BGR Wands folder into the BGR campaign folder to allow recharging the BGR wands up to a maximum of 50 charges (they start with 100) by targeting the wands with spells. Each spell level will be converted into a charge.  The wands cannot be charged in this way above 50 charges.

Remove Level Cap (optional)
An optional file is available that removes the level 10 level cap. Install the file into the Baldur's Gate Reloaded campaign folder.

Optional fixes are also available. See file comments.