Startled Ravens by DannPigdon
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(Requires the Storm of Zehir expansion)

A visual effect, placeable effect, and script that cause ravens to fly away when a player gets too close to them.

Copy the SEF file to your override or campaign folder, or put it in a HAK file associated with your module.

Import the ERF file into your module. It contains one script and one placeable effect. Create a trigger on the ground and give it the 'trigger_ravens' script as an OnEnter script. Place as many ambient raven placeable effects inside the trigger as you want. There are two that come with Storm of Zehir - one that sits and occasionally flaps its wings, and one that pecks at carrion.

When a party member enters the trigger, any ambient raven placeable effect inside it will be destroyed and replaced by the new 'flyaway' placeable effect.