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The core include files for the CSL library. A general purpose scripting library anyone can build on, and is complete enough soas to allow end users to use instead of the stock code that comes with the game.

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This is a general purpose scripting library anyone can build on, and is complete enough as to allow end users to use it instead of the stock code that comes with the game. It includes optimized and bugfixed replacements for the core scripts as well as many new utility scripts and scripting systems.

It was originally developed for our PW, to bypass bugs in the scripting via complete bypassing of OEI code as much as possible. Since then, I've integrated many features and ideas from the PRC, the spell casting framework, Ladydesire, the work by Kaedrin, and Syrus Greycloak's spell grimoire to make something that is really a synthesis of quite a few sources. Now it is has been additionally developed to the point where it supports module development.

This is a collaborative release, and quite a bit was done by the developers of Dungeon Eternal (Seed), by the PRC consortium, by Lady Desire, by Kaedrin, by numerous entries from the Vault for both nwn1 and nwn2.

These packages include compiled versions of the scripts as well as source. This is important in the case of the AI scripts, which are compiled using Skywing's toolset plugin for compiling scripts, because the way the AI is setup will have a major error with keeping track of variables without his fixes to how the bytecode is compiled in scripts. The issue fixed of global scope variables is pretty much only used in the AI and it's heavily used there.

Much of the documentation and discussion for these scripts had been on the Neverwinter Citadel forum, which is unavailable due to funding issues. Most of the remaining documentation is limited to the commenting in the scripts themselves.

There is a PDF available for one of the new systems -- a set of scripts to create various environment-based effects on the player and the world.

For a searchable reference document on these scripts, visit the Doxygen reference for this package. This is served from home, so the address is subject to change.

The scripts are provided in two packages -- the core include library, and the full package (which also has the core includes).

Some of the scripts in the full package are part of a work in progress and are incomplete. In particular:
  • The replacement overland map system does not yet include the code that handles the random encounters pulled in from the table.
  • Readable books and languages still needs a storage system
  • Also need to make the dataobject caching faster