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Tchos' Visual Effects for Characters
Version 1.0
Category: Visual Effects

  1. Description
  2. Requirements
  3. Installation
  4. Known Issues
  5. Revision history
  6. Credits
  7. Contact info

1. Description
This small pack adds two visual effects to be applied to NPCs or PCs to indicate music and sleeping. The first one applies an effect of floating musical notes over the NPC's head, and the other does the same with floating Zs.

To apply to an NPC, one way is to choose the appropriate effect (either "musical" or "zzz") in the "Appearance (visual effect)" field of the NPC's properties.
Another way is to use the included function script to activate or deactivate the effects from within your own scripts. Also included is a new heartbeat script that you can apply to an NPC to easily control its idle animation, so that you can have the NPC lying prone for sleeping, or playing an instrument for the musical effect. These included scripts have detailed comments inside them, explaining how to use them.

If I create more visual effects for characters (aside from my quest indicator system), then I'll update this mod to include them.

2. Requirements
The visual effects should work with any version of the game. The optional heartbeat script includes a parameter that makes use of a function added in SoZ, but I would guess the rest of it should still work in earlier versions of the game. If not, it would be a simple matter to comment out those particular lines.

3. Installation
This is meant to be used by modders, so for the loose file version you should just put the scripts and effect files into your module folder or campaign folder. For the ERF version, just choose the Import menu command from the toolset, and select the ERF. The ERF does not need to be placed anywhere in particular, nor included with your module, and can be discarded after you've imported the materials, if you like.

4. Known Issues

5. Revision history
2012-12-16: Initial release 1.0

6. Credits
I made this!

7. Contact & further info
I can be contacted on the Nexus Network as Tchos, or the Bioware Social Network also as Tchos, or through my gaming blog.