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A collection of heads designed to replace the default heads in the game.
So far:

1. Eye upgrade
2. 10 Human female heads
3. 15 Human male heads
4. 5 Aasimar male and 5 female heads
5. 6 Half Elf Male and 6 female heads
6. 3 Sun Elf Male and 5 female heads
7. 3 Drow Male and 5 Female heads

Permissions and credits
This project aims to replace many of the default game heads. As of now I am only supporting the OC heads but will see about updating the heads added in expansions once I have completed this step. Bare in mind I am working alone and this is a huge undertaking :)

Many of the heads have not been fully tested for animation and there may well be other bugs to be found so please feel free to let me know if you find any.

Completed so far:

Updated eye textures (should work on all races that use P_HHM_Eye01)
10 female and 15 male human heads
5 male and 5 female Aasimar heads
6 male and 6 female Half Elf heads
3 Sun Elf Male and 5 female heads
3 Drow Male and 5 female heads
3 Wood elf male and 3 female heads
2 hairs that replace the bald and mohawk female hair presets so that none of the NPCs that use those hairstyles will make your eyes bleed with horrible seams :P
5 female Tiefling heads

In progress:
Tiefling 10% complete (on hold)
Companions: 10% complete, breakdown below.
Bevil 100% complete
Neeshka 100% complete
Elanee 100% complete
I will release the companion pack once I have finished polishing and testing them.

This project is designed to provide updated resources that can be used by the community as well as the casual player simply wanting a better looking game. All assets are free to use, alter and distribute provided credit is given. I will not be making a non replacing pack for this project due to the sheer amount of work involved in completing it let alone renaming potentially upwards of a hundred models.

The reason I decided to go this route is because I wanted to play through the game again but could not bare to look at the character creation screen. As a hobbyist character artist its just one of those things I can't forgive. This way, not only does the character creation screen get a much needed face-lift but so too will the NPCs in the game, I am already working on the companions/NPC heads as well as the race heads so keep checking in here for updates.

Feel free to use my work to create non replacing versions, re-textures, variations, new races and whatever else you lovely imaginative people can conceive and above all, enjoy the project :)

On a side note I would like to state that these heads are not ported from the dragon age toolset, they are all created in 3d studio max. The only thing that was ported is a custom head mod of my own creation that was initially created for Dragon age. I am sorry if this has caused any confusion, sadly there is no way to port head morphs from dragon age into any other game. The head that I started from was a head that I created and imported into DA:O for a project I was working on, it turned out to be unsuitable for my needs for the project so I decided to make use of it for NWN 2. Sorry for any confusion this may have caused.


Some or all of the heads in this project do not convert correctly with the MDB clone utility to make it work please follow the steps below. I will look into a fix but for the time being this seems to work.

Main mesh textures:

Diffuse: (blank)
Tint: (Normal map here)
Glow: (Tint map here)
Normal: (Diffuse map here)

Eye Mesh Textures

Diffuse: (blank)
Tint: (Normal map here)
Glow: (Tint map here)
Normal: (Diffuse map here)

UPDATE: Changelog

Human male pack now fixed and working correctly both regarding mouth animation and clone MDB. The heads now show the correct textures in clone MDB and can be cloned as per normal.

Extract to:
My DocumentsNeverwinter Nights 2Override

You should then see a folder in your override named "Xaltar Replacement Pack"
To uninstall, delete folder and all contents.

All the packs will be contained in "Xaltar Replacement Pack" folder when extracted for ease of uninstallation.


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