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TWO FOLDERS - and ~100 Hairs & Heads , no 2da's - Now with Xaltar

A combination of my own custom work, and the work of the community all placed in one.. The idea of this is to make one update that makes the races of the game more attractive, with minimal trouble. But still overriding even the main game NPC's so the entire game

Permissions and credits
TWO FOLDERS - and ~100 Hairs & Heads , no 2da's

Combination of the community's work and small bit of my own work.. The idea of this is to make one update that makes the races of the game more attractive, with minimal conflicts. But still overriding even the main game NPC's so the entire game is easier on the eyes. This is and ONGOING PROJECT , there will be bugs, but I will keep updating if issues / harassment stays to a minimum. Combination mods always gain allot of conflict.


- The Genasi Effected? Yuan Ti? Etc?
No , Only Races effected so far are: Human, Halfelf ,Elf (ALL types), and Gnome(Female). Think the Genasi got a new hair or two but nothing major. Only trying to fix what I believe, and several other community members believed, to be the less attractive faces, Mainly Elves and Gnomes honestly.

- Story NPC's Effected?
No - There are no custom faces edited only defaults, so NPC's like Khelgar , Neeshka, Aldanon, Bevil and Daeghun are unaffected, but Characters Like Amie, who uses the default female human head 1 are.

Not trying to redesign the characters you come to know and love, mods like that from the community were ignored, sorry to anyone bothered by that.

List of modders?:

Big Hair Pack by Krighaur -

Female Hair Pack 1 - By Krighaur -

More Human Hairs by unknown -

Tiefling Custom Hairs by Nen (Me) -

Oblivion style hair by Ren -

Hair by Noah -

Hair By Soya -

Haiy By Whatbrick Wilson -

- (NEW) XALTAR'S Facelift pack

An amazing modder of incredible skill. He added a facepack a long time ago that I've personally been using but forgot to include until recently. His work is Genius, and all credit for many of these new additions goes to him, just look for the best ones.

Look For Him Here:

- The Famous Cute Head by Krighaur -

- Heads for all by Kyrie -

- Tiefling Female and Moon Elf Male Head by me (Nen)

- Oblivion to NWN2 by Ren -

- Playable NPC heads by Chimneyfish -

- Male Elf Heads by - Unknown Modder

- Female Elf Heads By - Unknown Modder

- Female Dark Veined heads by - Unknown Modder

And many many many more all once again in just TWO FOLDERS.

Installation Instructions

1 - Simply extract .Rar file to NWN folder.
1 - Open the .Rar file and Drag the "Original" and "Xaltar" folders inside to your Override folder. If you don't want Xaltar's work for some crazy reason just don't include the folder, same goes for anything else.

2 - Adjust the appearance of your character if it has changed and is not to your liking, And your all set, no more extreme skin discolorations and strange faces.

Known Issues

- Thats Beauty? I love smile lines and wrinkles!:

Your concept of beauty may be different from mine and the modders who contributed to this project. Please do not complain here if that's the case, just delete the file in your override and leave it at that. Don't discourage the modding community from trying to make the game better by being a troll.. no one likes trolls.. they smell...

- Multiple Copies of Same Heads:

I'm well aware that there are allot of copies of each head, these are slots, openings for new ones to be placed in as the community adds more attractive appearances, but for now they also act as a way of allowing the ingame NPC's to be affected by the mod.

- Your Character Appearance:

Will likely wind up having to change your character appearance, these heads are OVERRIDES and will change appearances, if you have issues use the MDB Cloner to change the file numbers, found here:

- NPC heads:

NPC head mods will have issues with this one, not game breaking ones, they wont appear in the vanilla game, but you will have to work around them, choose the bald hairstyle when using an NPC head and everything should be fine.