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About this mod

A mod for the interface of the game Neverwinter Night 2, which makes the text easy to read for screens with a resolution of 1920 x 1080.

Permissions and credits
Neverwinter Night 2 interface mod that makes text easier to read.
Attention! This mod is currently designed for monitors with a resolution of 1920x1080, and most likely my mod will not work with any interface mod.
Updates done.

f you  have old version ,and want install  new version
 you  must delete old version at first  (just delete  ENGL default UI nwn folder from  your override)

How to install

step a font looking at the screenshots.
step the archive with your font
step 3. Customize the interface for yourself (Custom folder)
step 4. install and play.
Compatibility and updates
1)Compatible with the Color scroll icons for NWN2 mod, verified
2) Compatible with the Charlie’s Item Modifier mod, verified
3) Compatible with the GUI Examine mod - show hostile effects verified
included in mod.
The current version is the best version that has been published. But,
if you want use old version for some reasons.
you can use EASY archives (example   EASY UI_THIRD FONT_VERSION
+addons 2.0)
Mod contains:
1)three font (sizes of 18,20,25,32 pixels to choose for font one/font two  25-30)
2) scrollable inventory and larger text.
3) 2 textures to choose from for the dialog menu.
4)hidden chat new version.
5) a more interesting map and journal.
6) increasing the level of windows - the text is increased.
7) Fully compatible with default interface.
8)tips have been increased.
9) increased text in cutscenes
10)a new mini-menu has been added (it is necessary to hide the chat)
11) level up screens - text increased.

If you find a bug, please write to me here, thanks in advance.

there only one bug-the chat stores all comments until you leave the game.
This should not interfere with the game at all - this has been verified for sure.
when i find better way i will upload new version.

also  maybe i will upload different chat version for  you just choose what more you like(but some version have There are some limitations, for example, the previous version did not support scaling, etc.)