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A simple caravan escort tuns into a quest to find a lost bride.

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Update 5/9/11: v1.19 - Fixed conversation bug; corrected more spelling/writing errors.
Update 5/2/10: v1.16 - Added a starter area and basic equipment for new characters. Fixed a misleading dialogue response.


The follow-up to "Humble Beginnings," "Lowena" is a single player mini-module.

This mod is part two of a series of mini-modules designed to be played as filler between larger adventures. Though small and simple in themselves, together they will form a larger story about the Player and a powerful Enchantress.

"Lowena" is designed for characters of level 5-6, of any race or class. It is assumed that you use the same character you created for "Humble Beginnings." A starter area is provided for new characters to level up. Make sure spellcasters rest before starting the module proper, as there is combat at the very beginning. Enough starting equipment is provided to get you through the first encounter; a merchant is available for more complete outfiting after that.

There are four possible resolutions, some which require combat, some which don't. The rewards vary according to how you resolve the dilemma, so choose wisely!

I have tested this mod with a level 5 paladin and a level 5 wizard. Thanks to some good feedback in the comments, i think I've fixed all the bugs and spelling errors, so consider this the final version. Let me know in the comments or via email PM on the Bioware Social Network (Jezla)if you find anything I've missed.

Thanks for playing, and enjoy!