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Using the NVN2 client extension on a high resolution monitor and tired of having to choose between tiny font or ugly/broken cutscenes? Well now you can have the best of both.

Permissions and credits
This mod fixes the black bars/non-clickable issue that can occur when running NVN2 with the client extension and a custom DPI setting. Now you can enjoy your crispy high-resolution text and enjoy the cutscenes without the ugly UI bars and non-responsiveness.

Simply download the file that matches your current playing resolution (either 1440p or 4k) and overwrite a single file in your game folder. It also comes included with the original cutscene.xml file in case you turn off custom DPI settings or need to go back to your original settings for whatever reason.

Recommended to use alongside the HD UI mods you can find here on the Nexus.

How do I install?
- Download either the 2k or 4k version depending on your game resolution respectively (2560x1440 or 3840x2160)
- Extract the contents of the zip folder to a temporary location
- Copy the cutscene.xml inside the zip into your base neverwinter nights 2\ui\default folder  --- i.e. NWN2 Complete\UI\default
- Overwrite when prompted

Where can I get the NVN2 client extension?
Search for the Neverwinter Nights 2 client extension through Google or on the Neverwinter Vault. Follow the instructions to launch the game through the client extension.

The game crashes when I attempt to change resolution through the ingame menu.
The game resolution can be set manually through the nvn2.ini file that's location in your documents\neverwinter nights 2 folder, down at the bottom near the [Display Options] area. Set the width and height values to your monitors resolution.

I running off the client extension at a high resolution, but how do I increase the size of my font and in-game windows? Everything is super tiny.
Once inside the game, the client extension requires a couple of commands in order to force the game to display at different DPI settings.

In your chat window, the command
"/dpiscale on" will overwrite the games default scaling settings
"/forcedpi [numeric value]" will allow you to customize the exact scaling to use. 96 is 100% scaling, 192 is 200% scaling. Most users will want to enter a number somewhere in between.

You will have to at least reload a game in order to see the changes.

I can no longer see my save & load screens anymore when in game?
This is due to having custom DPI scaling in the client extender. You need to open "NWN2 Complete\UI\default\savegamescreenx2.xml" and change "usescalar=true" to "usescalar=false", same for the load game screen xmls. Remember if you use an UI mod to edit its xmls in the override folder. >>instructions provided by user Manfred70