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It's an old mod for NWN 1. But it's still works just fine for NWN 2.

Permissions and credits
This zip include two 2DA files (RESTDURATION.2DA and CREATURESPEED.2DA).
Put them in your NWN2/OVERRIDE directory to install. They will affect any module that you host. It will not affect modules that you are not hosting (i.e.: it won't do anything if you connect to a MP module someone else is hosting).

CREATURESPEED.2DA changes player movement speed to the same as DM speed

RESTDURATION.2DA changes rest duration to 0.5 seconds

Even though people will mostly use this to cheat in single player games, the original intention was so module builders could install it and quickly run through and test out their modules as a player.
Although changing the rest duration does make playing a spell caster more fun in SP. I really would not recommend using this on a MP module without changing the values of the movement speed and rest duration to something more sane.

To Install:
Copy the two 2DA files into your NWN2/OVERRIDE directory.

To Remove:
Delete the two 2DA files into your NWN2/OVERRIDE directory

To Modify:
- Modify the values for the WALKRATE and RUNRATE columns for the PC_Movement row.
- The default values for PC_Movement are 2.0 for WALKRATE and 4.0 for RUNRATE.
- Modify the values for the DURATION column for the Level0 row to the Level20 row.
- The default values for DURATION are 10000 for Level0, incrementing by 500 for each row. The value is the number of milliseconds, so 10000 == 10 seconds.

With all the respect and credits to original author, OldManWhistler. Just wanted to share this amazing QoL mod.