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GUI modification specifically for WQHD resolution (2560x1440) that combines both Tchos HD UI and DivineGUI for better gameplay experience on larger screens.

Permissions and credits
This is the project I've been working on for my personal use since GUI that Tchos project provided become too small for my screen to enjoy the game. However I've decided that other people could also benefit from it, so here it is!
Keep in mind that this GUI was readjusted specifically for WQHD resolution (2560x1440) but it should also work on higher ones without issue. I disadvice to use it on lower ones simply because everything will be too large for your screen and some GUI elements may not even fit in.
I also designed it to be displayed with English language, if your game has other language, in some places e.g. inventory or character screen text may seem to be displaced or not translated at all.

List of changes:

  • 60 slots hotbar,
  • most things are simply larger e.g. hotbar, icons, journal, party portraits, action queue, area map, spells etc.
  • revamped windows on character creation,
  • action queue bar now has 6 slots instead of 4,
  • some graphics were replaced, removed or modified mostly on character screen, leveling panel or character creator,
  • background from leveling screen as well as character model were removed completely (player can now walk during leveling but the leveling windows are unmovable),
  • completely removed player menu/rest/puppet mode panel (bottom left) from the screen, now all those functions are included in modebar on the bottom right (visible as multicolored gems),
  • modebar (bottom right) is now movable, bard tab was removed (I didn't like it;),
  • slightly bigger game clock is now relocated near minimap,
  • completely revamped inventory screen; bigger character, added background, new equipment slots,
  • added potraits to all polymorphed arcane, divine and druidic forms,
  • added portraits for all summoned creatures,
  • added portraits for OC companions (portraits will be set by default without need to set them manually),
  • new portraits for MotB companions,
  • added portraits for all cohorts in SoZ,
  • replaced already existing portraits for objects and NPC's (including all familiars and animal companions),
  • NWN1 style graphics for leveling, party leader and pause indicators,
  • slightly changed Tenser's Transformation and Mordenkainen's Sword forms,
  • up to 40 buffs/debuffs can now be visible near character portrait,
  • companions influence is now displayed on top of character screen window,
  • SoZ main map, pary editor, crafting window and trading screens were completely overhauled with new graphics,
  • both dialogue and party dialogue were modified,
  • DM party screen and DM specific tools were also adjusted for higher resolution (all are movable),
  • target health bar was fixed and has the same length as target's portrait,
  • empty health bar was removed from targeted inanimate objects,
  • fixed graphic for buttons under behavior tab (also most + - buttons were replaced with new graphic),
  • fixed misplaced button text in server description,
  • removed stats greyish/whitish backgrounds,
  • lots and lots slight text and graphic adjustments to saving/loading screens as well as for server/logging specific windows,
  • Added small file which allow to multiclass companions while using my GUI,
  • Added compatibility for Charlie's Item Modifier 1.15,
  • Shipped new version with few fixes, mostly minor oversight here and there but most importantly you're no longer required to fix your memorized spells window. If you have already started the game and memorized spells window still isn't showing up delete guisettings.ini file located in MyDocuments\Neverwinter Nights 2\ui\default\,
  • Added localization for Polish language. Polska lokalizacja, nadpisz pliki w głównym folderze moda,
  • NEW Combined all three required UI mods into one single download for easier installation (all compatibility files are now included with main mod). Fixed rare bug with missing world maps buttons, fixed missing first buff icon next to the character portrait, added new frames for resting buttons, added new graphic for spirit eater bar, all Kaedrin custom class and feats icons have new frame around them (Divine style).


Place main mod named WQHD_GUI in override folder (MyDocuments\Neverwinter Nights 2\override). Make sure it is placed at the very bottom of the list. If you are using other mods that are altering GUI elements (like United Colors), folders with those mods need to be listed above WQHD_GUI mod otherwise they will interfere. If you have hard time tracking which folders are above or below each other just change folder view settings to details.
To install compatibility files simply unpack and copy them into override folder. This mod can't be used with other UI mods.

Known bugs:
(fixed)Sometimes upon first game launch some UI elements may be misplaced "outside" of your screen (happened to me with memorized spells window and DM difficulty slider). To fix this open guisettings.ini file located in MyDocuments\Neverwinter Nights 2\ui\default\. Find your current resolution and a specific GUI element you are missing and type lesser value. This will move it back to the location set by you (x should be lesser then your resolution width and y should be lesser then your resolution height.

(fixed) World map buttons (travel, cancel) sometimes may be missing for no reason whatsoever,

Some SoZ pop-up windows will have 2 additional buttons that won't work, just ignore them and click continue/ok.

Frame around the screen in SoZ land map is misplaced by one pixel to the right. It was so originally but I wasn't able to fix it.

Buttons (+,-) in DM tools still will be displayed incorrectly.

Bubble graphic indicating additional dialogue option in party dialogue window still not found and remains overly elongated.

Not a bug but it should be noted that in order to see portraits for companions in OC and cohorts in SoZ you need to start a new game (companions portraits from MotB can be set manually in game). Also any summoned creature before mod installation will not have a portrait you need to summon it again.

Special thanks to:

Lance_Botelle for help with fixing behavior of the behavior tab ;)
kevL_s for writing a script that displays image on game pause,
and others community members for sharing their knowledge.
Feel free to leave a comment if you find any bugs I missed or maybe have some suggestions for improvements.