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Satyr legs for human and elven bodies!

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Boots that let you turn your human or elf into a a goat legged satyr, or whatever kind of beast-man (or woman) you want!
This is pretty much what it says on the tin; boots that take the form of hooves. There are two versions; one that covers everything up to
the hip of the character, and one that just covers the shins. The full leg one is meant to work with -most- base naked bodies, but I can't promise
that it won't clip with some stuff out there. The shin version -should- work with most things (as they are sized like any boots), but again; given the wide range
of models and sizes out there, it's hard to promise that there wont be clipping here and there. 
In general, this is the first version of the set. It is -very- rough, and only slightly tested. Any feedback that can be provided would be greatly appreciated, and
factored in for the next version. 
Future plans include refining the skinning, and possibly making belt armor accessories that go with the legs. 
The files are simple overrides that take up the slots of cloth boots 1 and 2 for human and elven males and females. To test the items out, just unzip
the file into your overrides. You'll need to use the MDB cloner to number and organize them however you wish in your main project. 
None, really. Do what you want with it! I'd simply appreciate the credit/ attribution.