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Upscaled original textures for gameplay effects, such as circles, flames, spell targets and auras.

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Textures was upscaled by the cunet model of Waifu2x neural network. I got good results with the original tga textures, but dds have a compression artifacts that waifu2x can't smooth. However, median filter is the solution for undesirable aliasing textures.
- Magical circles and targets was zoomed to 2048 resolution.
- One-person targets and massive spell effects was inreased to 512-1024 pixels.
- Sparkles, flames and environmental elements was upcaled to 256 and 512 resolution.

This mod can reduce the game performance and cause stutters on battles with major casters count!

Unpack the archive into your Neverwinter Nights 2 Override folder.

Please inform me about bugs and your request.