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Replaces some vanilla weapon models and adds new ones, including few armor pieces and icons.

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This is a misc. collection of my custom content that I've made for my own game.

This includes custom weapon models, armor models and icons. The screenshots depict weapon types that include models that *replace* vanilla models. Most replace models are blade parts of weapons. Almost all of the model parts are compatible with vanilla models so you can delete models that you do not like.

NOTE, most of the *armor models* are for Humans and elves body-types only, and greatsword models are lower on the Z-axis than vanilla ones, so that the character actually grips the sword near the guard, and not the middle of the handle.


Unpack the folder from the ZIP to your: .../Neverwinter Nights 2/Override/

Un-installation: remove the folder and its contents from override.


Using custom icons requires editing the game's nwn2_icons.2DA You can find it in your .../Neverwinter Nights 2/Data/

You'll need TLK editor or similar to edit 2DA files. Here's some links to get it from:
I also have an optional nwn2_icons.2DA in download section that has all the icons in it, if you don't use any major mod that uses/requires custom icons. For combining two 2DA icon files, my icon ID numbers go from #2740 - 2900. Copying these lines to any other nwn2_icons.2DA -file makes it compatible with icons in this mod.

Modified 2DA files also go to your: .../Neverwinter Nights 2/Override/ -folder