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Open Beta begins in August

What the heck are we doing?

Re-creating Runescape in the early 5th age through Neverwinter Nights 2, give our collective take
to a game we love dearly. Molior RS is a living, breathing world, with a
thousand possibilities, expansive lore-based quests, player vs player
dueling, bossing, and many skills to train. An exciting new experience
awaits you! Through countless hours of area design, script writing, quest building, and programming, we've developed a vast amount of gameplay within
lore-based quests, combat, skills, both old and new environments,
factions, dynamic weather, and many new lands to explore. We plan to
release regular updates to our existing content, indefinitely.

We've got a lot of stuff done:
So far we have all of 'Free-to-Play' areas and lots of 'Member's areas' re-built in the Aurora
engine. We also have a select portion of the skills, monsters, combat,
items, and quests that are active in the game world. We've got our
YouTube channel that has over 400 videos which documents our work and
progress from 2013 to now, so if you need more convincing you can go check those out here

Here are some relevant links that show our progress so far.
In August of 2016 we became an Official Runescape Community Project!

So onto legal stuff...
Runescape is the intellectual property of Jagex.
1) We are not a private server.
2) We do not use any of their source code.
3) We have no intention to replace Runescape, we are simply a mod and multiplayer server(s) for another game.